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Written by Raimo, 22 Dec 2009

ErlDoc is a documentation search tool. Its goal is to increase the usability of Erlang documentation and to find information quickly and effectively.

It searches for function, module or application names similar to the search string. Try e.g "list" or "amnesia"

Names are more similar if they start with the same character(s), end with the same, or have 3 or more characters common within the name, as the search string. The algorithm ignores character case and function arity.

If there is a colon (":") in the search string it separates Module:Function where the search is for a function similar to Function where any containing module similar to Module gets higher similarity.

Any initial all uppercase words inModule is in the same way assumed to be application names.

Try e.g "et:ew", ":sort", "que:" or "SNMP conf:"

Documentation search index files (.eix)

Erldoc takes its searchdata from index files (.eix) generated during the documentation build. To facilitate other search tools of the OTP documenation the .eix files are included in the HTML documentation tarballs starting with the R13B04 release.

The format is so far subject to change and internal, but no major changes are forseen.

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