Class OtpPeer

  extended by
      extended by

public class OtpPeer
extends AbstractNode

Represents a remote OTP node. It acts only as a container for the nodename and other node-specific information that is needed by the OtpConnection class.

Constructor Summary
OtpPeer(java.lang.String node)
          Create a peer node.
Method Summary
 OtpConnection connect(OtpSelf self)
          Deprecated. Use the corresponding method in OtpSelf instead.
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Constructor Detail


public OtpPeer(java.lang.String node)
Create a peer node.

node - the name of the node.
Method Detail


public OtpConnection connect(OtpSelf self)
Deprecated. Use the corresponding method in OtpSelf instead.

Create a connection to a remote node.

self - the local node from which you wish to connect.
a connection to the remote node.
Throws: - if the remote host could not be found. - if it was not possible to connect to the remote node.
OtpAuthException - if the connection was refused by the remote node.