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8 Appendix A: Mnesia Error Messages

Whenever an operation returns an error in Mnesia, a description of the error is available. For example, the functions mnesia:transaction(Fun), or mnesia:create_table(N,L) may return the tuple {aborted, Reason}, where Reason is a term describing the error. The following function is used to retrieve more detailed information about the error:

  • mnesia:error_description(Error)

8.1  Errors in Mnesia

The following is a list of valid errors in Mnesia.

  • badarg. Bad or invalid argument, possibly bad type.
  • no_transaction. Operation not allowed outside transactions.
  • combine_error. Table options were illegally combined.
  • bad_index. Index already exists, or was out of bounds.
  • already_exists. Schema option to be activated is already on.
  • index_exists. Some operations cannot be performed on tables with an index.
  • no_exists.; Tried to perform operation on non-existing (non-alive) item.
  • system_limit.; A system limit was exhausted.
  • mnesia_down. A transaction involves records on a remote node which became unavailable before the transaction was completed. Record(s) are no longer available elsewhere in the network.
  • not_a_db_node. A node was mentioned which does not exist in the schema.
  • bad_type.; Bad type specified in argument.
  • node_not_running. Node is not running.
  • truncated_binary_file. Truncated binary in file.
  • active. Some delete operations require that all active records are removed.
  • illegal. Operation not supported on this record.

The following example illustrates a function which returns an error, and the method to retrieve more detailed error information.

The function mnesia:create_table(bar, [{attributes, 3.14}]) will return the tuple {aborted,Reason}, where Reason is the tuple {bad_type,bar,3.14000}.

The function mnesia:error_description(Reason), returns the term {"Bad type on some provided arguments",bar,3.14000} which is an error description suitable for display.