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7 Combining Mnesia with SNMP

7.1  Combining Mnesia and SNMP

Many telecommunications applications must be controlled and reconfigured remotely. It is sometimes an advantage to perform this remote control with an open protocol such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The alternatives to this would be:

  • Not being able to control the application remotely at all.
  • Using a proprietary control protocol.
  • Using a bridge which maps control messages in a proprietary protocol to a standardized management protocol and vice versa.

All of these approaches have different advantages and disadvantages. Mnesia applications can easily be opened to the SNMP protocol. It is possible to establish a direct one-to-one mapping between Mnesia tables and SNMP tables. This means that a Mnesia table can be configured to be both a Mnesia table and an SNMP table. A number of functions to control this behavior are described in the Mnesia reference manual.