Erlang/OTP 17.5 has been released!

OTP 17.5 Readme File

OTP 17.5 Source File (64.1 MB)

OTP 17.5 Windows 32-bit Binary File (91.0 MB)

OTP 17.5 Windows 64-bit Binary File (91.1 MB)

OTP 17.5 HTML Documentation File (31.9 MB)

OTP 17.5 Man Pages File (1.2 MB)

Some highlights of the release are:

ERTS: Added command line argument option for setting the initial size of process dictionaries.

Diameter: configurable incoming_max len and string_decode for diameter messages

Bugfixes and minor small features in applications such as compiler, common_test, crypto, debugger, eldap, erts, hipe, inets, ssh, ssl, ...

43 contributions from 32 different contributors

Additional Packages

Erlang/OTP is also distributed in pre built packages courtesy of Erlang Solutions.
There are pre built packages for platforms such as: Raspbian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OS X, and more!.
Erlang Solutions Downloads page


Erlang/OTP is distributed under the Erlang Public License (EPL) that is a derivative work of the Mozilla Public License (MPL). It contains terms which differ from MPL, mainly in terms of jurisdiction. The license is constructed in accordance with the laws of Sweden.

To help you understand the legal text there is an EPL Translation. The legal text is the license, so if you have any doubts, refer to the legal text.

Available releases

PDF files are included in the Windows installer and in the HTML documentation tarballs, starting with the R13B03 release.

There is a file containing MD5 checksums for all files in the download directory, also reachable through rsync

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