The third R15 service release - updated

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This is an update of the previously released R15B03. R15B03 contained a bug in ssl that affected accept calls with timeouts. Due to the widespread use of Erlang in i.e. webservers and other network application, we recommend everyone using R15B03 to take this update.

The previously announced incompatibility regarding crashdumps (that ERL_CRASH_DUMP_SECONDS have to be set to get any crash dump at all), is now limited to systems using heart. All other invocations of the Erlang VM will crashdump on fatal errors as they did in R15B02.

Note that systems using heart still has to define a maximum time for crashdumps using the ERL_CRASH_DUMP_SECONDS environment variable. See the readme file for further details.

Compiling Erlang from source

You can build Erlang from source on your own, following the building and installation instructions. Or use the Kerl script. Kerl is a script that lets you easily build Erlang with a few commands. Follow the instructions to build.

Finding a source version

Follow this link that presents all released source versions, a link to the GitHub source tag, and to the README.

Pre-built Binary Packages

Most OS package managers provide pre-built binary packages. You can also download the latest stable releases from Erlang Solutions. Erlang Solutions provides pre-built binary packages for OS X, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Raspbian and other operating systems. 

  • For Homebrew on OS X: brew install erlang
  • For MacPorts on OS X: port install erlang
  • For Ubuntu and Debianapt-get install erlang
  • For Fedorayum install erlang
  • For FreeBSDpkg install erlang


Since OTP 18.0, Erlang/OTP is released under Apache License 2.0. The older releases prior to 18.0 were released under Erlang Public License (EPL), a derivative work of the Mozilla Public License (MPL).