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ErlangCamp Austin USA
Written by Raimo, 10 Oct 2014

ErlangCamp is being held in Austin. This Camp, like all ErlangCamps, will
be an intensive two day learning experience focused on getting you up to
speed on creating large scale, fault tolerant distributed applications in

• Fundamental Erlang (data types, functions, pattern matching, processes,
anonymous functions, etc...)
• OTP (gen servers, process supervision, fault tollerance via OTP, etc...)
• Operationalization and packaging (applications, releases, deployment)
• Distribution (nodes, registration, distributed mode, etc...)
It is a lot of information and we are pretty darn good at teaching it - we
improve each year. This is a unique opportunity for individuals using, or
wanting to use Erlang to get direct access to experts in building these
large systems and be taught directly by those experts in a high
interaction environment. The intention of ErlangCamp is to teach. To that
end we have have found that we can only provide the interactive experience
we desire by keeping the number of attendees low. So we only have around
100 seats available and those will go quickly.

More information on


Join us for the Erlang Conference in Chicago on 22 September. The event is
designed to advance your practical knowledge of Erlang. This year we're
emphasising Real World Erlang. First confirmed speakers are Joe Armstrong,
Steve Vinoski, Garrett Smith, Fred Hebert and Jesse Gumm. More coming soon!

Join us in Stockholm for over 50 talks on open-source applications, products and war stories from the Erlang world. The keynotes will be delivered by Stuart Bailey, CTO of Infoblox and by Katie Miller, OpenShift Developer Advocate and co-founder of the Lambda Ladies. Speakers include: ‘Seven Languages in Seven Weeks’ author Bruce Tate, co-designer of Haskell and QuickCheck John Hughes, O’Reilly author Erik Stenman, manager of the Ericsson Erlang/OTP dev team Kenneth Lundin, Rakuten lead technologist Yosuke Hara, Feuerlabs Co-founder and Developer Advocate Ulf Wiger and many more.


The conference will be followed by 3-day training courses on 11-13 June: Erlang Express, OTP Express, Elixir, Cowboy Express and Test Driven Development.

Early Bird rates end on 9 May.

The Vancouver Erlang Factory Lite will take place on 17 May and will be hosted by the Simon Fraser University.

Join us for three days of training on Erlang and OTP (7-9 April) and a day of expert Erlang/Riak/Elixir talks on 10 April. 

The 6th edition of the largest US conference dedicated to the Erlang programming language will take place on 6-7 March and feature over 50 speakers in 8 tracks.

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