Erlang talks at Code Mesh 3-5 December 2013: the Alternative Programming Conference

Written by Fredrik, 09 Oct 2013

Join us on 3rd-5th December in London for one day of training and two days of expert talks on non-mainstream technologies in the software industry. You will meet the inventors and users of the most innovative languages and technologies of the moment. IT architects, software developers and project managers from different programming worlds will exchange their experience and gain new insights for picking “the right tool for the job”.

Erlang and Elixirs speakers:

José Valim
Joe Armstrong
Garrett Smith
Francesco Cesarini
Torben Hoffmann
Susan Potter

The list of speakers is not final, but among over 30 confirmed speakers you will find data-centric functional programmer Dean Wampler, author of ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’ Dave Thomas, Elixir creator José Valim, Akka inventor Jonas Bonér, Trifork CTO Kresten Krab Thorup, creator of Catnip IDE Bodil Stokke,  co-creator of Julia Stefan Karpinski, author of ZeroMQ book Pieter Hintjens, functional languages expert Amanda Laucher, CTO of SkillsMatter Rob Harrop and many many more!

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