Written by Marcus, 09 May 2014

‘Designing for Scalabillity with Erlang/OTP’ – Early Release from O’Reilly

Design and build complex, scalable commercial-grade systems with OTP, 
the open source system developed by Ericsson and written in Erlang. With 
this hands-on book, you’ll learn how to apply OTP libraries and 
techniques to develop concurrent, fault-tolerant systems with no single 
point of failure.
Written by Francesco Cesarini, coauthor of O’Reilly’s Erlang Programming 
and member of OTP’s R1 release team and distributed systems expert Steve 
Vinoski, this guide takes you through the basics of OTP and Erlang 
Design Patterns, and demonstrates how the platform can be used in a wide 
range of industries. If you have Erlang experience, you’ll learn how to 
overcome key obstacles in OTP that have thwarted many other developers.
Chapters 2-9 are available as an early release, raw and unedited. Get 
your copy now from the O’Reilly Website! Use discount code authd to 
receive a 25$ discount. New chapters will be added as they are written!

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