Written by Henrik, 01 Apr 2015

Some highlights of the release are:
  • ERTS: Added command line argument option for setting the initial size of process dictionaries.
  • Diameter: configurable incoming_max len and string_decode for diameter messages
  • Bugfixes and minor small features in applications such as compiler, common_test, crypto, debugger, eldap, erts, hipe, inets, ssh, ssl, ...
  • 43 contributions from 32 different contributors

For more details see the README file at

You can download the full source distribution from

Note: To unpack the TAR archive you need a GNU TAR compatible program. For installation instructions please read the README that is part of the distribution.

You can also find this release at the official Erlang/OTP Git-repository at Github here: tagged "OTP-17.5"

The Windows binary distribution can be downloaded from

You can also download the complete HTML documentation or the Unix manual files

We also want to thank those that sent us patches, suggestions and bug reports.


You can find more detailed info and download the release at the download page

The Erlang/OTP Team at Ericsson

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Written by Henrik, 20 Feb 2014

Below you can find the preliminary release dates, and code stop dates for 17.0.
Note: We will not accept any NEW feature patches for inclusion in Erlang/OTP 17.0 after 2014-02-21.

Preliminary dates for the upcoming release:
Release:        erts, emu,comp  |Code stop           |Documentation stop        |Release Date

17.0-rc2         2014-02-21         2014-02-21         2014-02-21                        2014-02-26
17.0               2014-03-10         2014-03-17         2014-03-19                        2014-03-26


We will focus the time between 17.0-rc2 and 17.0 on bug fixes, improvements, and testing. Therefore you are most welcome to submit patches regarding such issues and we will try our best to include them before 17.0 is released.
Especially bugs introduced in 17.0-rcX.

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Written by Henrik, 21 Jan 2014

The Zurich Erlang Factory Lite is back! Join us for a day of expert Erlang/Riak/Elixir talks on 10 April and three days of training on Erlang and OTP (7-9 April). Call for talks is open until 21 February.

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Written by Henrik, 21 Jan 2014

Mike Williams, co-inventor of the Erlang programming language, will deliver the first keynote. Elixir’s inventor, José Valim – also a Ruby on Rails Core Team member, will give a joint keynote with Dave Thomas - author of The Pragmatic Programmer. As a premiere, the conference will have an entire track dedicated to the Elixir programming language. Other speakers include Bruce Tate - author of 7 Languages in 7 Weeks, Dave Thomas - author of The Pragmatic Programmer, Bob Ippolito - founder of Mochi Media and Erlang hacker, Rick Reed - software engineer at WhatsApp, Brett Cameron - senior software architect with HP’s corporate Cloud S, Stu Bailey - CTO of Infoblox,  Erik Stenman - chief scientist at Klarna, Duncan McGregor-senior manager at Rackspace and many more.

Early Bird rates end on 11 February

Another first is the significant broadening of the range of training available before and after the conference. Besides the already traditional Erlang courses, this year participants are also offered courses on Elixir, Cowboy, Riak and Kazoo. 

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Written by Henrik, 28 Nov 2012

Erlang/OTP R15B03 has been released on schedule November 28:th. It is the third R15 service release.


See the release notes in the Read me

Download the new release from the Downloads page

Or prebuilt packages from Erlang Solutions Downloads page

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Written by Henrik, 15 Nov 2012

Tech Mesh – The Alternative Programming Conference 4th-6th December

Tech Mesh takes place in London between the 4th and the 6th of December and it will go down in history with a first:


Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and Mike Williams will be together on a stage for the first time, giving a joint keynote on ‘183 years of programming’


Other great talks include:

Garret Smith:  Building an Application Platform: Lessons from CloudBees

Stuart Bailey:  Erlang and OpenFlow: A Match Made in the Cloud!

Steve Vinoski: Implementing Riak in Erlang: Benefits and Challenges

Chris Brown: Living in a Polyglot World: Ruby on the client, Erlang on the server

Francesco Cesarini: OTP, the middleware for concurrent distributed scalable architectures

Pavlo Baron: 100% Big Data. 0% Hadoop. 0% Java

Jesper Richter Reichhelm: You are not alone - multiplayer games in Erlang


The event covers 8 tracks and over 50 speakers among whom are Simon Peyton Jones, Philip Wadler and John Hughes – also on a joint keynote, Rich Hickey, Bruce Tate – “author of 7 languages in 7 weeks”, Klarna CTO David Craelius and many more. For a full list of the over 50 speakers, check out the event programme on the website:


See you at Tech Mesh!

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Written by Henrik, 05 Sep 2012

Erlang/OTP R15B02 has been released on schedule September 5:th. It is the second R15 service release.

See the release notes in the Read me

Download the new release from the Downloads page

Or prebuilt packages from Erlang Solutions Downloads page


  • Dialyzer: The type analysis tool Dialyzer is optimized to be generally faster. - It can now also run in parallel (default) on SMP systems and by this perform the analysis significantly faster (Thanks to Stavros Aronis and Kostis Sagonas)
  • The SSL application now has experimental support for the TLS 1.1 and 1.2 standards as well (Thanks to Andreas Schultz).
  • CommonTest: It is now possible to sort the generated html tables. A Netconf client (ct_netconf) which support basic netconf over ssh is added
  • Diameter: Statistics counters related to Diameter messages can now be retrieved by calling the diameter:service_info/2 function.
  • Various smaller optimizations in the Erlang VM
  • This release also contains 66 contributions from users outside the Ericsson team

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Written by Henrik, 19 Apr 2012 has announced the availability of LINC, an Erlang based open source soft switch implementing the 1.2 version of the OpenFlow standard. The LINC switch has now been released as commercial friendly open source through the community website, encouraging users and vendors to use LINC and contribute to its development. The initial LINC implementation focuses on correctness and feature compliance. Through an abstraction layer, specialized network hardware drivers can be easily interfaced to LINC. It has been implemented by using the power and flexibility of the Erlang programming language and software environment. Erlang allows for rapid industrial strength implementations, a key requirement for developing and deploying an evolving technology such as OpenFlow. For more information, visit

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Written by Henrik, 03 Apr 2012

Erlang/OTP R15B01 has been released ahead of schedule on April 3:rd. It is the first service release.

See the release notes in the Read me

Download the new release from the Downloads page



  • Added erlang:statistics(scheduler_wall_time) to ensure correct determination of scheduler utilization. Measuring scheduler utilization is strongly preferred over CPU utilization, since CPU utilization gives very poor indications of actual scheduler/vm usage.
  • Changed ssh implementation to use the public_key application for all public key handling. This is also a first step for enabling a callback API for supplying public keys and handling keys protected with password phrases. Additionally the test suites where improved so that they do not copy the users keys to test server directories as this is a security liability. Also ipv6 and file access issues found in the process has been fixed.
  • When an escript ends now all printout to standard output and standard error gets out on the terminal. This bug has been corrected by changing the behaviour of erlang:halt/0,1, which should fix the same problem for other escript-like applications, i.e. that data stored in the output port driver buffers got lost when printing on a TTY and exiting through erlang:halt/0,1. The BIF:s erlang:halt/0,1 has gotten improved semantics and there is a new BIF erlang:halt/2 to accomplish something like the old semantics. See the documentation.
  • The DTrace source patch from Scott Lystig Fritchie is integrated in the source tree. Using an emulator with dtrace probe is still not supported for production use, but may be a valuable debugging tool. Configure with --with-dynamic-trace=dtrace (or --with-dynamic-trace=systemtap) to create a build with dtrace probes enabled. See runtime_tools for documentation and examples
  • Added Torbjörn Törnkvists LDAP client as a new application called eldap.
  • Added options for the ssh client to support user keys files that are password protected.

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