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News year 2009

Written by Raimo, 03 Dec 2009

Try the new document search at /doc.html, right column text box.

It is a preliminary version that searches for the given words as a module, function or application in the documentation and gives you a hit list with links into the online documentation.

Written by Raimo, 25 Nov 2009

Erlang/OTP R13B03 has been released. R13B03 is a service release for R13B. There are mostly error corrections, but also some new functionality. Some highlights in the R13B03 release are:

  • Native Implemented Functions (NIFs) still experimental but very useful. Feedback is welcome.
  • Beginning with this release we will maintain (and update on a daily basis) a GIT repository on GitHub. The intention is that this will make it easier for users to contribute with bugfixes and new functionality and also easier for us to receive the contributions.
  • The documentation is built in a new way using xsltproc and Apache FOP. The layout is changed both in HTML and PDF versions. This is the first step, more changes and improvements will come in the following releases.
  • A completely new web site (this one) is also on its way but slightly delayed. Will be launched really soon now.

Download the new release from the download page.

Written by Raimo, 25 Nov 2009

The demo site will remain a demo for yet a while. There were more rough corners to work on than we first realized.

Written by Kenneth, 15 Nov 2009

The 15:th Erlang User Conference (EUC) on November 12:th was a great success.
This was the biggest EUC so far with around 250 partcipants.
More info from the conference can be seen on the Erlang-factory site.
Many thanks to all the sponsors and especially to Erlang Training and Consulting for making the conference so successful.

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