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We spent the past weeks adding more peripherals to Erlang/ALE, our library for embedded systems. Raspberry Pi is still our reference platform but in order to make ALE more universal we have started working on defining a platform abstraction mechanism that will enable supporting other boards and architectures easily.

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Erlang-mini is a minimal version of the Erlang packages we distribute on our downloads page. It was designed specifically with embedded devices in mind (no GUI related dependencies etc, weighing in under 20 megabytes).

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This blog post describes how we wrote an image processing demo for the Parallella prototype which we’ve been experimenting with and details some of the problems we faced along the way and how we overcame them.

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Basho's chief architect Andy Gross discusses the resurgence in interest in both theoretical and applied distributed systems, explores new areas of promising research, and provides practical advice for dealing with systems in the new distributed world. This video was filmed at the GOTONight held at our headquarters on 13 August. 

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In the 15th episode of MostlyErlang, Robert Virding joins the podcast crew to talk about his implementations of Lisp, Prolog and Lua as well as how the Erlang Virtual Machine was implemented. Also check out the Megacore episode (#14) and the F# one (#13). 

Don't forget: You can leave a voice mail for "mostlyerlang" (Skype) to be discussed on the show. There might even be swag to win ;)

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You have to come to London between 3 to 5 December ! Following on Tech Mesh' s success from last year, Code Mesh will bring together users and inventors of different languages and technologies (new and old). Get inspired, share experience and increase insight! Check out the website to for confirmed speakers and details. 

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Our first ever Toronto Erlang Factory Lite has been confirmed. Join us on 23 November for an exciting debate on Erlang as a powerful tool for building innovative, scalable and fault tolerant applications. The goal is to provide the audience with a platform to exchange ideas and technical concepts and most of all to learn from real world use cases and success stories. And  

On 17 September at 16.00 BST join Rune Skou Larsen (NoSQL & Riak Team lead at Trifork) & Alexander Fok (Senior Director, System Architect at ooVoo) for an insightful discussion on the need for NoSQL databases and how you can implement Riak within your organization. 

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Check out these Erlang tutorials on the 23rd of September at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming Conference in Boston:

We're looking for people with at least 2 years of Erlang experience (less for exceptional candidates) in our offices in London, Budapest, Krakow, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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This year the FP Days conference in Cambridge on 24-25 October will feature the following Erlang-related talks and tutorials:  Robert Virding’s keynote, Omer Kilic’s  tutorial on Erlang programming on the Raspberry Pi, and Chandru Mullaparthi’s talk on how Erlang is used at EE. Check out the entire event here.

Goto Berlin

You can now get combi tickets with an additional 100 euro discount for Berlin Erlang Factory Lite on 16 October and GOTO Berlin on 17-18 October. To get the combi ticket, register on the GOTO website with the code erlangfaclite.

Join Rx and LINQ creator Eric Meijer as he leads the "Post Functional" track at QCon San Francisco 2013 (Nov 11-15).  Hear talks from Brian Beckman on symbolic and functional Programming at Amazon; Jafar Husain on how Netflix uses Rx; and David Leibs, VMs and Compilers Expert at Oracle. Register here and save $600 before September 20 with code 'erlang50'

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