This page contains benchmark results for the new ETS options {write_concurrency, auto} and {write_concurrency, N} (where N is an integer). See commit 1b578e20634b2f5327c85879d009a60152583f52 and the two prior commits for more information about the new options.

Benchmark Description

The benchmark measures how many ETS operations per second X Erlang processes can perform on a single table. Each of the X processes repeatedly selects an operation to do from a given set of operations. The likelihood that a certain operation will be selected is also given to the benchmark. The table that the processes operate on is prefilled with 500K items before each benchmark run starts.

The source code for the benchmark is located in the function ets_SUITE:throughput_benchmark/0 (see "$ERL_TOP/lib/stdlib/test/ets_SUITE.erl"). Below is a list with brief descriptions of the operations:

Machine Configuration

Microsoft Azure VM instance: Standard D64s v3 (64 vcpus, 256 GB memory):

Operating System:

      Description:	Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
      Linux version:	5.4.0-1051-azure

Run-time Parameters

The benchmark was started with the parameter "+sbt tnnps".

    erl +sbt tnnps -eval "parallel_messages_SUITE:throughput_benchmark(),erlang:halt()"

Benchmark Configuration

The benchmark configuration used can be found here.


ETS Benchmark Result Viewer

This page generates graphs from data produced by the ETS benchmark which is defined in the function ets_SUITE:throughput_benchmark/0 (see "$ERL_TOP/lib/stdlib/test/ets_SUITE.erl").

Note that one can paste results from several benchmark runs into the field below. Results from the same scenario but from different benchmark runs will be relabeled and plotted in the same graph automatically. This makes comparisons of different ETS versions easy.

Note also that that lines can be hidden by clicking on the corresponding label.

Paste the generated data in the field below and press the Render button:

Include Throughput Plot
Include % More Throughput Than Worst Plot
Include % Less Throughput Than Best Plot
Bar Plot
Same X Spacing Between Points
Show [ordered_set,public]
Show [ordered_set,public,{write_concurrency,true}]
Show [ordered_set,public,{read_concurrency,true}]
Show [ordered_set,public,{write_concurrency,true},{read_concurrency,true}]
Show [set,public]
Show [set,public,{write_concurrency,true}]
Show [set,public,{read_concurrency,true}]
Show [set,public,{write_concurrency,true},{read_concurrency,true}]