Mailing lists

The mailing lists are:

The main Erlang/OTP discussion list. This list is mirrored by the (searchable) Google Group Erlang Programming .
Post patches to Erlang/OTP here and get feedback from the developers and others.
Report bugs in Erlang/OTP here. Give so much information that the bug can be reproduced, and tell exactly which release and patchlevel it applies to. If you even have a patch, send it to erlang-patches instead.
If you only want to be notified of new releases, subscribe to this list. There is no need to subscribe to this list if you already subscribe to erlang-questions, announcements are sent to both lists. You can not post to this list - only moderators can.
Discussions regarding specific EEPs (Erlang Extension Proposals). See Erlang Enhancement Process.


Erlang Programming
This Google Group mirrors our mailing list erlang-questions.
The Erlang Central forums
Erlang Central has got forums concerning Erlang.

Mailing lists mini-HowTo

The mailing lists are Mailman mailing lists. They have a web interface explaining what you need to know about handling your subscribtion.

You have to be a member to post. This reduces spam to a tolerable level. You can subscribe for every post, digest of posts or no-mail subscribtion to be able to post but read some other way e.g the archives or maybe Google Groups.