Class OtpCookedConnection

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    public class OtpCookedConnection
    extends AbstractConnection

    Maintains a connection between a Java process and a remote Erlang, Java or C node. The object maintains connection state and allows data to be sent to and received from the peer.

    Once a connection is established between the local node and a remote node, the connection object can be used to send and receive messages between the nodes.

    The various receive methods are all blocking and will return only when a valid message has been received or an exception is raised.

    If an exception occurs in any of the methods in this class, the connection will be closed and must be reopened in order to resume communication with the peer.

    The message delivery methods in this class deliver directly to mailboxes in the OtpNode class.

    It is not possible to create an instance of this class directly. OtpCookedConnection objects are created as needed by the underlying mailbox mechanism.