3  Scheduled for Removal

3 Scheduled for Removal

This document list all functionality in Erlang/OTP that currently are scheduled for removal. For more information regarding the strategy regarding removal of functionality see the documentation of Support, Compatibility, Deprecations, and Removal.

  • disk_log:inc_wrap_file/1 (use disk_log:next_file/1 instead)

The old previously documented support for opening a port to an external resource by passing an atom (or a string) as first argument to open_port(), implemented by the vanilla driver, will be removed in OTP 27. This functionality was marked as obsolete about two decades ago and then a few years later the documentation for it was removed. If this functionality is not used with care it might hang or crash the runtime system.

  • crypto:crypto_dyn_iv_init/3 (see the documentation for details)
  • crypto:crypto_dyn_iv_update/3 (see the documentation for details)
  • ct_slave:_/_ (use ?CT_PEER(), or the 'peer' module instead)
  • dbg:stop_clear/0 (use dbg:stop/0 instead)
  • file:pid2name/1 (this functionality is no longer supported)
  • http_uri:decode/1 (use uri_string:unquote function instead)
  • http_uri:encode/1 (use uri_string:quote function instead)
  • slave:_/_ (use the 'peer' module instead)
  • zlib:adler32/2 (use erlang:adler32/1 instead)
  • zlib:adler32/3 (use erlang:adler32/2 instead)
  • zlib:adler32_combine/4 (use erlang:adler_combine/3 instead)
  • zlib:crc32/1 (use erlang:crc32/1 on the uncompressed data instead)
  • zlib:crc32/2 (use erlang:crc32/1 instead)
  • zlib:crc32/3 (use erlang:crc32/2 instead)
  • zlib:crc32_combine/4 (use erlang:crc32_combine/3 instead)
  • zlib:getBufSize/1 (this function will be removed in a future release)
  • zlib:inflateChunk/1 (use safeInflate/2 instead)
  • zlib:inflateChunk/2 (use safeInflate/2 instead)
  • zlib:setBufSize/2 (this function will be removed in a future release)