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This document describes the changes made to the EDoc application.

Edoc 1.3

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • EEP 48 doc chunks now properly include links within {@type } macros.

    Own Id: OTP-18945 Aux Id: PR-8063

  • @hidden now means hidden in EEP 48 doc chunks instead of none.

    Own Id: OTP-18946 Aux Id: PR-8063

Improvements and New Features

  • There is a new edoc_html_to_markdown module that can be used to convert EEP-48 application/html+erlang to Markdown.

    Own Id: OTP-18947 Aux Id: PR-8063

  • The documentation has been migrated to use Markdown and ExDoc.

    Own Id: OTP-18955 Aux Id: PR-8026

  • Added module edoc_doclet_markdown that can be used to convert EDoc style documentation to Markdown documentation attributes.

    Own Id: OTP-19052 Aux Id: PR-8308

Edoc 1.2.1

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Emit <code> instead of <tt>.

    Own Id: OTP-18782 Aux Id: PR-7643

Edoc 1.2

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fix unused types warnings in internal edoc module.

    Own Id: OTP-17550 Aux Id: GH-5094 PR-5106

Improvements and New Features

  • Add source file to the warning on skipped tags when generating EEP-48 style docs.

    Own Id: OTP-17556 Aux Id: PR-5023

  • Fix the doc chunks generators to emit documentation even if there is not module level documentation.

    Fix the doc chunks generators to respect the @hidden and @private tags properly for both modules and functions.

    Own Id: OTP-17733 Aux Id: PR-5205

Edoc 1.1

Improvements and New Features

  • Add option link_predefined_types that is used to create links to erlang predefined types. This is mainly to be used by erl_docgen when creating the Erlang/OTP documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-17743 Aux Id: PR-5292

Edoc 1.0.1

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fix broken documentation link in edoc_extract:file/4.

    Own Id: OTP-17552 Aux Id: GH-5058

Edoc 1.0

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fix so that the edoc_doclet option file_suffix also effects the links emitted into the module index.

    Own Id: OTP-17092

Improvements and New Features

  • EDoc, the Erlang documentation engine, hits version 1.0 with this release, which means a few changes.

    EDoc is now capable of emitting EEP-48 doc chunks. This means that, with some configuration, community projects can now provide documentation for shell_docs the same way that OTP libraries did since OTP 23.0.

    The @spec and @type EDoc tags have been deprecated. These are not supported with the new chunk-generating doclet and layout. Moreover, previously when there was a redundant @spec tag and -spec attribute defined for the same function, the @spec tag would take precedence. Now, the -spec attribute takes precedence and is more important. The same is true for redundant @type tags and -type attributes. Warnings are now emitted when such redundant entries are found.

    The ?NO_APP macro in edoc_doclet.hrl has been deprecated. Use the atom no_app instead.

    See the Doc chunks chapter in the Edoc User's Guide for more details.


    Own Id: OTP-16949 Aux Id: PR-2803 OTP-17192

  • Edoc has been updated to use -spec to document its own interface instead of @doc@ tags.

    Together with this change the inter-application linking for -spec style documentation has been improved.

    Own Id: OTP-17095 Aux Id: PR-2914

  • Allow user defined edoc macros to be functions.

    Own Id: OTP-17153 Aux Id: PR-2674

Edoc 0.12

Improvements and New Features

  • Remove Inets dependency from EDoc.

    Own Id: OTP-15999 Aux Id: PR-2317

  • Add support for overloaded Erlang specifications.

    Own Id: OTP-16407 Aux Id: PR-2430

  • Refactored the internal handling of deprecated and removed functions.

    Own Id: OTP-16469

Edoc 0.11

Improvements and New Features

  • Correct links in the documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-15761

Edoc 0.10

Improvements and New Features

  • Print a helpful message explaining that adding {preprocess, true} can help if reading a source file fails.

    Own Id: OTP-15605 Aux Id: ERL-841

Edoc 0.9.4

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Improved documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-15190

Edoc 0.9.3

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Types and function specifications including the map/0 type are pretty-printed correctly.

    Own Id: OTP-15117

Improvements and New Features

  • Update to use the new string api instead of the old.

    Own Id: OTP-15036

Edoc 0.9.2

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • The map type is correctly denoted as map/0 in function specifications and types.

    Own Id: OTP-14777

Edoc 0.9.1

Improvements and New Features

  • Tools are updated to show Unicode atoms correctly.

    Own Id: OTP-14464

Edoc 0.9

Improvements and New Features

  • To support stable builds, edoc no longer includes time stamps in the footer for generated files.

    Own Id: OTP-14277

  • Miscellaneous updates due to atoms containing arbitrary Unicode characters.

    Own Id: OTP-14285

Edoc 0.8.1

Improvements and New Features

  • Document the function tags @param and @returns.

    Own Id: OTP-13930 Aux Id: PR-1175

Edoc 0.8

Improvements and New Features

  • Improve types and specs in OTP documentation generated from Erlang source files.

    Own Id: OTP-13720 Aux Id: ERL-120

Edoc 0.7.19

Improvements and New Features

  • Handle typed record fields.

    Own Id: OTP-13558

Edoc 0.7.18

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Assign correct names to list arguments.

    Own Id: OTP-13234 Aux Id: ERL-63

Improvements and New Features

  • Unless the sort_functions option is true, edoc_layout does not sort functions.

    Own Id: OTP-13302

Edoc 0.7.17

Improvements and New Features

  • Remove functionality related to packages

    Own Id: OTP-12431

Edoc 0.7.16

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Maps: Properly align union typed assoc values in documentation

    Own Id: OTP-12190

Edoc 0.7.15

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fix spec to doc generation from erl_docgen and edoc for maps

    Own Id: OTP-12058

Edoc 0.7.14

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • The default encoding for Erlang source files is now UTF-8. As a temporary measure to ease the transition from the old default of Latin-1, if EDoc encounters byte sequences that are not valid UTF-8 sequences, EDoc will re-try in Latin-1 mode. This workaround will be removed in a future release.

    Own Id: OTP-12008

Edoc 0.7.13

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Application upgrade (appup) files are corrected for the following applications:

    asn1, common_test, compiler, crypto, debugger, dialyzer, edoc, eldap, erl_docgen, et, eunit, gs, hipe, inets, observer, odbc, os_mon, otp_mibs, parsetools, percept, public_key, reltool, runtime_tools, ssh, syntax_tools, test_server, tools, typer, webtool, wx, xmerl

    A new test utility for testing appup files is added to test_server. This is now used by most applications in OTP.

    (Thanks to Tobias Schlager)

    Own Id: OTP-11744


Improvements and New Features

  • The encoding of the notes.xml file has been changed from latin1 to utf-8 to avoid future merge problems.

    Own Id: OTP-11310

Edoc 0.7.12

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • EDoc sometimes failed to associate a comment with the preceding type declaration. This bug has been fixed. (Thanks to Serge Aleynikov for reporting the bug.)

    Own Id: OTP-10866

Improvements and New Features

  • Miscellaneous updates due to Unicode support.

    Own Id: OTP-10820

Edoc 0.7.11

Improvements and New Features

  • Since EDoc 0.7.7 (R14B02) separate values of union types can be annotated. However, the parser has hitherto chosen not to add the necessary parentheses due to backwards compatibility.

    From this release on code traversing the output of edoc_parser needs to take care of parentheses around separate values of union types. Examples of such code are layout modules and doclet modules.


    Own Id: OTP-10195

  • Support for Unicode has been implemented.

    Own Id: OTP-10302

  • Where necessary a comment stating encoding has been added to Erlang files. The comment is meant to be removed in Erlang/OTP R17B when UTF-8 becomes the default encoding.

    Own Id: OTP-10630

Edoc 0.7.10

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • List behaviour callbacks in Edoc when using -callback attribute. (Thanks to Magnus Henoch.)

    Added special case for file names under Windows. (Thanks to Beads Land-Trujillo.)

    Own Id: OTP-10174


Improvements and New Features

  • Miscellaneous documentation build updates

    Own Id: OTP-9813

Edoc 0.7.9

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • no_return is a new built-in type.

    Own Id: OTP-9350

  • synchronized with edoc development version

    forgot to ensure that xmerl is found in path for include_lib to work

    fix -spec declaration that doesn't work in R13B04

    eliminate warnings about unused imports

    removed CVS-keywords from source files (Thanks to Richard Carlsson )

    Own Id: OTP-9463

  • Add a proplist() type

    Recently I was adding specs to an API and found that there is no canonical proplist() type defined. (Thanks to Ryan Zezeski)

    Own Id: OTP-9499

  • Removed some never-matching clauses reported by dialyzer Fix macro expansion in comments following Erlang types URI-escape bytes as two hex digits always (reported by Alfonso De Gregorio) Updated author e-mail Recognize some more URI schemas in wiki text, in particular https (Thanks to Richard Carlsson)

    Own Id: OTP-9590

Edoc 0.7.8

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fix infinite loop for malformed edoc input

    When processing an edoc comment with ``` in it, if the comment ends without a matching ''' then an infinite loop occurs in the function edoc_wiki:strip_empty_lines/2. This change fixes that by adding a clause to return from the function upon the end of the comment input. This allows an error to be thrown to indicate the problem, which is the same behaviour as leaving either `` or ` unmatched. (Thanks to Taylor Venable)

    Own Id: OTP-9165

  • Bugs concerning the option report_missing_types that was added in EDoc-0.7.7 have been corrected: the option was misspelled in the source, and local definitions as well as the function tags @private and @hidden were not handled correctly. (Thanks to Manolis Papadakis.)

    Own Id: OTP-9301

Edoc 0.7.7

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Add encoding when parsing Wiki text. EDoc used to fail on strings such as "äåö". (Thanks to Richard Carlsson.)

    Own Id: OTP-9109

Improvements and New Features

  • It is now possible to use Erlang specifications and types in EDoc documentation. Erlang specifications and types will be used unless there is also a function specification (@spec) or a type alias (@type) with the same name. In the current implementation the placement of -spec matters: it should be placed where the @spec would otherwise have been placed.

    Not all Erlang types are included in the documentation, but only those exported by some export_type declaration or used by some documented Erlang specification (-spec).

    There is currently no support for overloaded Erlang specifications.

    The syntax definitions of EDoc have been augmented to cope with most of the Erlang types. (But we recommend that Erlang types should be used instead.)

    edoc:read_source() takes one new option, report_missing_types. edoc_layout:module() takes one new option, pretty_printer.

    Own Id: OTP-8525

  • The edoc_lib module is meant to be private, but since it is referred to from other man pages it has been included in the OTP documentation. The modifications introduced in this ticket make all functions private except those referred to from other pages.

    Own Id: OTP-9110


Improvements and New Features

  • Compiler warnings were eliminated.

    Own Id: OTP-8855


Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Edoc now uses the new API functions to inets instead of the deprecated ones.

    Own Id: OTP-8749


Improvements and New Features

  • The documentation is now possible to build in an open source environment after a number of bugs are fixed and some features are added in the documentation build process.

    - The arity calculation is updated.

    - The module prefix used in the function names for bif's are removed in the generated links so the links will look like "" instead of "".

    - Enhanced the menu positioning in the html documentation when a new page is loaded.

    - A number of corrections in the generation of man pages (thanks to Sergei Golovan)

    - The legal notice is taken from the xml book file so OTP's build process can be used for non OTP applications.

    Own Id: OTP-8343


Improvements and New Features

  • The documentation is now built with open source tools (xsltproc and fop) that exists on most platforms. One visible change is that the frames are removed.

    Own Id: OTP-8201


Improvements and New Features

  • Miscellaneous updates.

    Own Id: OTP-8190


Improvements and New Features

  • The copyright notices have been updated.

    Own Id: OTP-7851


Improvements and New Features

  • Minor updates.

    Own Id: OTP-7642


Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Correction to work with new versions of STDLIB that no longer has the erl_internal:obsolete/3 function.

    Own Id: OTP-7539

Edoc 0.7.6

Improvements and New Features

  • Minor changes.

    Own Id: OTP-7388

Edoc 0.7.5

Improvements and New Features

  • Minor updates, mostly cosmetic.

    Own Id: OTP-7243

Edoc 0.7.3

Improvements and New Features

  • Minor Makefile changes.

    Own Id: OTP-6689

  • Dialyzer warnings were eliminated.

    Own Id: OTP-6737

EDoc 0.7.2

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Some missing files have been added: ~/include/edoc_doclet.hrl, ~/priv/edoc.dtd, ~/priv/erlang.png

    Own Id: OTP-6457

Improvements and New Features

    • Undefined macros only cause warnings, not errors.
    • New, built-in @version macro.
    • Documented the @docfile and @headerfile generic tags.
    • Added recognition of "TODO:" as a wiki equivalent for @todo tags.
    • Added documentation about overview pages.
    • 'where' and ',' are allowed as separators in specs.
    • Corrected ambiguity in spec grammar (possible incompatibility issue - parentheses may need to be added in some cases, in existing code).
    • Experimental (and undocumented) support for @param and @return tags and corresponding "..." annotations on @spec parameters.


    Own Id: OTP-6568

EDoc 0.7.1

Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions

  • Fixed some broken links in the documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-6419

EDoc 0.7.0

Miscellaneous changes.