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The Standard Erlang Libraries application, STDLIB, is mandatory in the sense that the minimal system based on Erlang/OTP consists of STDLIB and Kernel.

STDLIB contains the following functional areas:

  • Erlang shell
  • Command interface
  • Query interface
  • Interface to standard Erlang I/O servers
  • Interface to the Erlang built-in term storage BIFs
  • Regular expression matching functions for strings and binaries
  • Finite state machine
  • Event handling
  • Functions for the server of a client-server relation
  • Function to control applications in a distributed manner
  • Start and control of slave nodes
  • Operations on finite sets and relations represented as sets
  • Library for handling binary data
  • Disk-based term storage
  • List processing
  • Maps processing


It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the Erlang programming language.