Functions for wxToolbook class

wxToolbook is a class similar to wxNotebook but which uses a wxToolBar to show the labels instead of the tabs.

There is no documentation for this class yet but its usage is identical to wxNotebook (except for the features clearly related to tabs only), so please refer to that class documentation for now. You can also use the page_samples_notebook to see wxToolbook in action.

One feature of this class not supported by wxBookCtrlBase is the support for disabling some of the pages, see EnablePage() (not implemented in wx).


This class supports the following styles:

See: Overview bookctrl, wxBookCtrlBase, wxNotebook, Examples

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxBookCtrlBase wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxToolbook

Event types emitted from this class: toolbook_page_changed, toolbook_page_changing


Option = {bSelect, boolean()} | {imageId, integer()}

Adds a new page.

The page must have the book control itself as the parent and must not have been added to this control previously.

The call to this function will generate the page changing and page changed events if select is true, but not when inserting the very first page (as there is no previous page selection to switch from in this case and so it wouldn't make sense to e.g. veto such event).

Return: true if successful, false otherwise.

Remark: Do not delete the page, it will be deleted by the book control.

See: insertPage/5


Option = {forward, boolean()}

Cycles through the tabs.

The call to this function generates the page changing events.


Returns the currently selected page, or wxNOT_FOUND if none was selected.

Note that this method may return either the previously or newly selected page when called from the EVT_BOOKCTRL_PAGE_CHANGED handler depending on the platform and so wxBookCtrlEvent:getSelection/1 should be used instead in this case.


Result = {Res :: integer(), Flags :: integer()}
Pt = {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()}

Returns the index of the tab at the specified position or wxNOT_FOUND if none.

If flags parameter is non-NULL, the position of the point inside the tab is returned as well.

Return: Returns the zero-based tab index or wxNOT_FOUND if there is no tab at the specified position.


Size = {W :: integer(), H :: integer()}

Sets the width and height of the pages.

Note: This method is currently not implemented for wxGTK.


Page = integer()

Sets the selection to the given page, returning the previous selection.

Notice that the call to this function generates the page changing events, use the changeSelection/2 function if you don't want these events to be generated.

See: getSelection/1


Page = integer()

Changes the selection to the given page, returning the previous selection.

This function behaves as setSelection/2 but does not generate the page changing events.

See overview_events_prog for more information.