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This document list all functionality in Erlang/OTP that currently are scheduled for removal. For more information regarding the strategy regarding removal of functionality see the documentation of Support, Compatibility, Deprecations, and Removal.

OTP 29

Functions Scheduled for Removal in OTP 29

  • ct_slave:_/_ (use ?CT_PEER(), or the 'peer' module instead)
  • slave:_/_ (use the 'peer' module instead)

OTP 28


The following features of archives will be removed:

  • Using archives for packaging a single application or parts of a single application into an archive file that is included in the code path.

  • All functionality to handle archives in module erl_prim_loader.

  • The -code_path_choice flag for erl.

The functionality to use a single archive file in Escripts is not deprecated and will continue to work. However, to access files in the archive, the escript:extract/2 function has to be used.

Functions Scheduled for Removal in OTP 28

  • disk_log:inc_wrap_file/1 (use disk_log:next_file/1 instead)
  • mnesia_registry:create_table/_ (use mnesia:create_table/2 instead)

OTP 27

Functions Scheduled for Removal in OTP 27

  • dbg:stop_clear/0 (use dbg:stop/0 instead)