2 Inets

2.1  Service Concept

Each client and server in Inets is viewed as a service. Services can be configured to be started at application startup or dynamically in runtime. To run Inets as a distributed application that handles application failover and takeover, configure the services to be started at application startup. When starting the Inets application, the Inets top supervisor starts a number of subsupervisors and worker processes for handling the provided services. When starting services dynamically, new children are added to the supervision tree, unless the service is started with the standalone option. In this case the service is linked to the calling process and all OTP application features, such as soft upgrade, are lost.

Services to be configured for startup at application startup are to be put into the Erlang node configuration file on the following form:

      [{inets, [{services, ListofConfiguredServices}]}].

For details of what to put in the list of configured services, see the documentation for the services to be configured.