7 Megaco mib

7.1  Intro

The Megaco mib is as of yet not standardized and our implementation is based on draft-ietf-megaco-mib-04.txt. Almost all of the mib cannot easily be implemented by the megaco application. Instead these things should be implemented by a user (of the megaco application).

So what part of the mib is implemented? Basically the relevant statistic counters of the MedGwyGatewayStatsEntry.

7.2  Statistics counters

The implementation of the statistic counters is lightweight. I.e. the statistic counters are handled separately by different entities of the application. For instance our two transport module(s) (see megaco_tcp and megaco_udp) maintain their own counters and the application engine (see megaco) maintain its own counters.

This also means that if a user implement their own transport service then it has to maintain its own statistics.

7.3  Distribution

Each megaco application maintains its own set of counters. So in a large (distributed) MG/MGC it could be necessary to collect the statistics from several nodes (each) running the megaco application (only one of them with the transport).