1  Tools Release Notes

1 Tools Release Notes

This document describes the changes made to the Tools application.

  • Erlang-mode fixed for newer versions of xref using CL-Lib structures instead of EIEIO classes.

    Own Id: OTP-17746 Aux Id: GH-5314, PR-5324

  • The cover tool would not work on modules compiled with the tuple_calls option.

    Own Id: OTP-17440 Aux Id: GH-4796

  • For cover-compiled code, the error behaviour of list and binary comprehensions that used andalso/orelse in guards could be changed so that a filter that was supposed be evaluated in guard context was evaluated in body context. That is, there was a possibility that comprehensions that did not raise exceptions could raise exceptions when being run using cover.

    Own Id: OTP-17221 Aux Id: PR-4547

  • Support for handling abstract code created before OTP R15 has been dropped.

    Own Id: OTP-16678 Aux Id: PR-2627

  • Add types and specifications for documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-16957

  • The experimental HiPE application has been removed, together with all related functionality in other applications.


    Own Id: OTP-16963

  • cover would crash when compiling a module having an exported function named clauses.

    Own Id: OTP-17162 Aux Id: GH-4549, PR-2997, PR-4555, elixir-lang/elixir#10666

  • If beam_lib is asked to return abstract code for a BEAM file produced by Elixir and Elixir is not installed on the computer, beam_lib will no longer crash, but will return an error tuple. The cover:compile_beam() and cover:compile_beam_directory() functions have been updated to also return an error tuple in that situation.

    Own Id: OTP-17194 Aux Id: GH-4353

  • Make emacs mode work on emacs-27.

    Own Id: OTP-17225 Aux Id: PR-4542, GH-4451

  • Correct the Xref analysis undefined_functions to not report internally generated behaviour_info/1.

    Own Id: OTP-17191 Aux Id: OTP-16922, ERL-1476, GH-4192

  • Correct the Xref analysis exports_not_used to not report internally generated behaviour_info/1.

    Own Id: OTP-16922 Aux Id: PR-2752

  • Correct the Xref analysis locals_not_used to find functions called exclusively from on_load functions.

    Own Id: OTP-16854 Aux Id: PR-2750

  • Updates for new erlang:term_to_iovec() BIF.

    Own Id: OTP-16128 Aux Id: OTP-15618

  • Improved the presentation of allocations and carriers in the instrument module.

    Own Id: OTP-16327

  • Minor updates due to the new spawn improvements made.

    Own Id: OTP-16368 Aux Id: OTP-15251

  • cover would crash when compiling a module having an exported function named clauses.

    Own Id: OTP-17162 Aux Id: GH-4549, PR-2997, PR-4555, elixir-lang/elixir#10666

  • An Emacs warning due to lacking type in defcustom declaration has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-16356

  • Improve emacs indentation.

    Own Id: OTP-16472 Aux Id: ERL-1140

  • The cover tool could generate instrumented code for a module that would cause warnings to be issued.

    Own Id: OTP-16476 Aux Id: ERL-1147

  • Fixed generated fprof analysis format to also handle data in maps.

    Own Id: OTP-16498 Aux Id: ERL-814

  • Improve -spec indentation in emacs mode.

    Own Id: OTP-16164

  • The Emacs erlang-mode function that lets the user open the documentation for an Erlang/OTP function in an Emacs buffer has been improved. Bugs in this function has been fixed and and the user will now be asked if the man pages should be downloaded automatically by Emacs when they can't be found on the system. To test this functionality, put the cursor over the function name in a call to an Erlang/OTP function (e.g., "io:format("arg")") and type C-c C-d (i.e., Ctrl-key and c-key and then Ctrl-key and d-key). There is also a new menu item under the Erlang menu (labeled "Man - Function Under Cursor").

    Own Id: OTP-16174

  • cover would fail to start if two processes tried to start it at the exact same time.

    Own Id: OTP-15813 Aux Id: ERL-943

  • Add cprof and tags modules to .app file so that they are included in releases.

    Own Id: OTP-15534 Aux Id: PR-2078

  • Improved documentation parsing in emacs erldoc functionality.

    Own Id: OTP-15699 Aux Id: PR-2184

  • The cover tool now uses the counters module instead of ets for updating the counters for how many times a line has been executed. By default, Cover will work with distributed nodes, but a new function cover:local_only/0 allows running the Cover in a restricted but faster local-only mode.

    The increase in speed will vary depending on the type of code being cover-compiled, but as an example, the compiler test suite runs more than twice as fast with the new Cover.

    Own Id: OTP-15575

  • cover would fail to start if two processes tried to start it at the exact same time.

    Own Id: OTP-15813 Aux Id: ERL-943

  • Minor fixes for make clean.

    Own Id: OTP-15657

  • In the HTML file generated by cover:analyse_to_file/1,2, a link is now added to the line number. This makes it easier to share pointers to specific lines.

    Own Id: OTP-15541

  • Uncovered lines are now marked with a sad face, :-(, in the HTML output from cover:analyse_to_file/1,2. This is to make these lines easier to find by search.

    Own Id: OTP-15542

  • Remove emacs warnings and added more tests.

    Own Id: OTP-15476

  • The HTML pages generated by cover:analyse_to_file/1 and related functions is improved for readability.

    Own Id: OTP-15213 Aux Id: PR-1807

  • Add alignment functionality in emacs.

    Own Id: OTP-15239 Aux Id: PR-1728

  • Added instrument:allocations and instrument:carriers for retrieving information about memory utilization and fragmentation.

    The old instrument interface has been removed, as have the related options +Mim and +Mis.


    Own Id: OTP-14961

  • cover would fail to start if two processes tried to start it at the exact same time.

    Own Id: OTP-15813 Aux Id: ERL-943

  • Minor fixes for make clean.

    Own Id: OTP-15657

  • A counting bug is corrected in Cover. The bug was introduced in Erlang/OTP 18.0.

    Own Id: OTP-14817 Aux Id: PR 1641

  • The lcnt server will no longer crash if lcnt:information/0 is called before lcnt:collect/0.

    Own Id: OTP-14912

  • lcnt:collect will now implicitly start the lcnt server, as per the documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-14913

  • Improved indentation in emacs and various other updates.

    Own Id: OTP-14944

  • Removed all old unused files in the documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-14475 Aux Id: ERL-409, PR-1493

  • The predefined Xref analysis locals_not_used no longer reports unused functions with the -on_load() attribute.

    The new predefined Xref variable OL holds all functions with the -on_load() attribute.

    Own Id: OTP-14344

  • In fprof when sampling multiple processes and analyzing with totals set to true, the output now sums together all caller and callee entries which concerns the same function. Previous behaviour was to report each contributing entry separately.

    Own Id: OTP-14500

  • Lock counting can now be fully toggled at runtime in the lock counting emulator (-emu_type lcnt). Everything is enabled by default to match the old behavior, but specific categories can be toggled at will with minimal runtime overhead when disabled. Refer to the documentation on lcnt:rt_mask/1 for details.

    Own Id: OTP-13170

  • lcnt:collect and lcnt:clear will no longer block all other threads in the runtime system.

    Own Id: OTP-14412

  • General Unicode improvements.

    Own Id: OTP-14462

  • Tools are updated to show Unicode atoms correctly.

    Own Id: OTP-14464

  • Add erlang:iolist_to_iovec/1, which converts an iolist() to an erlang:iovec(), which suitable for use with enif_inspect_iovec.

    Own Id: OTP-14520

  • In OTP-20.0, the behavior of c, make, and ct_make was changed so that in some cases the beam files by default would be written to the directory where the source files were found. This is now changed back to the old behavior so beam files are by default written to current directory.

    Own Id: OTP-14489 Aux Id: ERL-438

  • In some situations, make:all() and friends did not detect changes in include files located in the current directory. This is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-14339 Aux Id: ERL-395

  • The make module now accepts the {emake,Emake} option.

    Own Id: OTP-14253

  • Miscellaneous updates due to atoms containing arbitrary Unicode characters.

    Own Id: OTP-14285

  • Improved edoc support in emacs mode.

    Own Id: OTP-14217 Aux Id: PR-1282

  • Fix unhandled trace event send_to_non_existing_process in fprof.

    Own Id: OTP-13998

  • Improved edoc support in emacs erlang-mode.

    Own Id: OTP-13945 Aux Id: PR-1157

  • Added erldoc to emacs mode which opens html documentation in browser from emacs. For example M-x erldoc-browse RET lists:foreach/2.

    Own Id: OTP-14018 Aux Id: PR-1197

  • Errors in type specification and Emacs template generation for gen_statem:code_change/4 has been fixed from bugs.erlang.org's Jira cases ERL-172 and ERL-187.

    Own Id: OTP-13746 Aux Id: ERL-172, ERL-187

  • Fix gc_start/gc_end in fprof tags when parsing old trace logs.

    Own Id: OTP-13778 Aux Id: PR-1136

  • make (tools) and ct_make (common_test) would crash if an Erlang source file contained a -warning() directive.

    Own Id: OTP-13855

  • Correct a bug when adding multiple modules to an Xref server. The bug was introduced in OTP-19.0.

    Own Id: OTP-13708 Aux Id: ERL-173

  • Update fprof to use the new 'spawned' trace event to determine when a process has been created.

    Own Id: OTP-13499

  • Optimize adding multiple modules to an Xref server.

    Own Id: OTP-13593

  • Various emacs mode improvements, such as better tags support.

    Own Id: OTP-13610

  • cover:compile_beam/1 and cover:compile_beam_directory/1,2 crashed when trying to compile a beam file without a 'file' attribute. This has been corrected and an error is returned instead.

    Thanks to Louis-Philippe Gauthier for reporting this bug.

    Own Id: OTP-13200

  • Fix a bit string comprehension bug in Cover.

    Own Id: OTP-13277 Aux Id: PR 856

  • The emacs mode does not add a newline after the arrow on -callback lines anymore.

    Own Id: OTP-13042

  • If a module includes eunit.hrl, a parse transform adds the function test/0 on line 0 in the module. A bug in OTP-18.0 caused cover:analyse_to_file/1 to fail to insert cover data in the output file when line 0 existed in the cover data table. This is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-12981

  • In order to improve performance of the cover tool, new functions are added for cover compilation and analysis on multiple files. This allows for more parallelisation.

    Some improvements of the data base access is also done in order to improve the performance when analysing and resetting cover data.

    Minor incompatibility: An error reason from analyse_to_file is changed from no_source_code_found to {no_source_code_found,Module}.


    Own Id: OTP-12330 Aux Id: seq12757

  • Attempting to do a cover analysis when neither source code nor beam file could be found would hang the cover server. Corrected to return a proper error.

    Own Id: OTP-12806

  • Allow maps for supervisor flags and child specs

    Earlier, supervisor flags and child specs were given as tuples. While this is kept for backwards compatibility, it is now also allowed to give these parameters as maps, see sup_flags and child_spec.

    Own Id: OTP-11043

  • Remove Mnemosyne rules support.

    Own Id: OTP-12511

  • Add printout of total number of calls and time in eprof

    Own Id: OTP-12681

  • Fix lcnt sorting and printout of histograms.

    Own Id: OTP-12364

  • Fix a Unicode bug in the tags module.

    Own Id: OTP-12567

  • Fix tags completion in erlang.el for GNU Emacs 23+

    Own Id: OTP-12583

  • Fixed a typo in erlang-mode comment.

    Own Id: OTP-12214

  • Add a skeleton for -spec in Erlang mode for Emacs

    Own Id: OTP-12283

  • Cover no longer crashes when compiling receive and the like with just an after clause. Thanks to José Valim for providing a fix.

    Own Id: OTP-12328

  • Add log2 histogram to lcnt for lock wait time

    Own Id: OTP-12059

  • Removed erlang:bitstr_to_list/1 and erlang:list_to_bitstr/1. They were added by mistake, and have always raised an undefined exception when called.

    Own Id: OTP-11942

  • Removed the support for the query keyword from emacs mode (Thanks to Paul Oliver)

    Own Id: OTP-11568

  • Emacs mode improvements (Thanks to Steve Vinoski)

    Own Id: OTP-11601

  • Application upgrade (appup) files are corrected for the following applications:

    asn1, common_test, compiler, crypto, debugger, dialyzer, edoc, eldap, erl_docgen, et, eunit, gs, hipe, inets, observer, odbc, os_mon, otp_mibs, parsetools, percept, public_key, reltool, runtime_tools, ssh, syntax_tools, test_server, tools, typer, webtool, wx, xmerl

    A new test utility for testing appup files is added to test_server. This is now used by most applications in OTP.

    (Thanks to Tobias Schlager)

    Own Id: OTP-11744

  • The emacs erlang mode now match erlang keywords more carefully (Thanks to Steve Vinoski)

    Own Id: OTP-11786

  • The emacs erlang-mode now auto loads for more file types (Thanks to Phil Hagelberg)

    Own Id: OTP-11788

  • cover can run on itself. Also, support for reading BEAM files produced by ancient OTP versions before R9C has been removed.

    Own Id: OTP-11692

  • Support maps in cover

    Own Id: OTP-11764

  • Erlang-specific compilation error regexp is added in erlang-eunit.el. This defvar was earlier in erlang.el, but was erroneously removed in R15B02, while still used by erlang-eunit.el.

    Own Id: OTP-11417 Aux Id: seq12447

  • Take compiler options from beam in cover:compile_beam. Thanks to Péter Gömöri.

    Own Id: OTP-11439

  • Silence warnings (Thanks to Anthony Ramine)

    Own Id: OTP-11517

  • Add iodata, nonempty_string to built-in type highlighting for emacs. Thanks to Paul Oliver.

    Own Id: OTP-11394

  • Remove trailing spaces in Emacs templates. Thanks to Roberto Aloi.

    Own Id: OTP-11198

  • Fixed the Emacs erlang-mode to accommodate the coding style where lists written across several lines have each line starting with a comma. Thanks to Magnus Henoch.

    Own Id: OTP-11242

  • Make the Emacs Erlang mode TRAMP-aware when compiling. Thanks to Tomas Abrahamsson.

    Own Id: OTP-11270

  • When cover:stop(Node) was called on a non-existing node, a process waiting for cover data from the node would hang forever. This has been corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-10979

  • Make cover smarter about finding source from beam.

    In particular, search using the source path in module_info if the current heuristic fails.

    Own Id: OTP-10902

  • Remove Flymake dependency in erlang-pkg.el. Thanks to Magnus Henoch.

    Own Id: OTP-10930

  • Erlang-mode: Add autoload cookies for file extension associations. Thanks to Magnus Henoch.

    Own Id: OTP-10999

  • Postscript files no longer needed for the generation of PDF files have been removed.

    Own Id: OTP-11016

  • Fix a race condition when there're several applications in apps directory. Thanks to Manuel Rubio.

    Own Id: OTP-11028

  • New option for eprof, 'set_on_spawn'. This option was previously always on and is also the default.

    Own Id: OTP-11144

  • Fix a bug in cover when used with no_auto_import. Thanks to José Valim.

    Own Id: OTP-10778

  • Add missing modules in app-file

    Own Id: OTP-10439

  • Make erlang-mode more compatible with package.el (Thanks to Gleb Peregud)

    Own Id: OTP-10465

  • Fix various typos (thanks to Tuncer Ayaz)

    Own Id: OTP-10611

  • Add separate face for exported functions (Thanks to Thomas Järvstrand)

    Own Id: OTP-10637

  • The BIF highlighting in the emacs mode has been updated to correspond with the correct BIFs.

    Own Id: OTP-10774

  • Support for Unicode has been implemented.

    Own Id: OTP-10302

  • A new function, cover:flush(Nodes), is added which will fetch data from remote nodes without stopping cover on those nodes. This is used by test_server and common_test when it is safe to assume that the node will be terminated after the test anyway. The purpose is to avoid processes crashing when re-loading the original beam if the processes is still running old code.

    Remote nodes will now continue to count code coverage if the connection to the main node is broken. Earlier, a broken connection would cause the cover_server on the remote node to die and thus any still cover compiled modules would cause process crash when trying to insert cover data in ets tables that used to exist on the cover_server. The new functionality also involves synchronization with the main node if the nodes are reconnected.


    Own Id: OTP-10523 Aux Id: OTP-10427

  • Where necessary a comment stating encoding has been added to Erlang files. The comment is meant to be removed in Erlang/OTP R17B when UTF-8 becomes the default encoding.

    Own Id: OTP-10630

  • Fix syntax highlighting of $\' in Emacs mode. Thanks to Magnus Henoch.

    Own Id: OTP-10766

  • The last tuple fun call has been removed from fprof.

    Own Id: OTP-10091 Aux Id: seq12067

  • Fix indentation of record fields in Emacs (Thanks to Tomas Abrahamsson)

    Own Id: OTP-10120

  • Documentation fixes (Thanks to Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez )

    Own Id: OTP-10121

  • Remove Erlang-specific compilation error regexp in erlang.el

    Own Id: OTP-10168

  • Fix highlighting of atoms ending with a dollar sign

    Like this: 'atom$'. In that example, the last single quote should be recognised as ending the atom. This needs a font-lock workaround similar to the one for strings. Thanks to Magnus Henoch

    Own Id: OTP-10178

  • Xref now accepts filenames with character codes greater than 126. (Thanks to Emile Joubert for reporting the issue.)

    Own Id: OTP-10192

  • Add test_indentation target to lib/tools/emacs/Makefile

    Automatically indent test.erl.orig, save to test.erl, and compare to test.erl.intended. Thanks to Magnus Henoch.

    Own Id: OTP-10226

  • Makefiles in erts, hipe and tools have been corrected to enable parallel make, i.e MAKEFLAGS=-jX where X is the parallelity number. As a result of this dependencies were corrected since that is what is needed for parallel make to work.

    Own Id: OTP-9857 Aux Id: OTP-9451

  • Minor suppressions and fixes of compilation warnings

    Own Id: OTP-10016

  • Update system profiling principles to reflect eprof performance improvements.

    Own Id: OTP-9656

  • [cover] fix leftover {'DOWN', ..} msg in callers queue

    After stopping cover with cover:stop() there could still be a {'DOWN',...} leftover message in the calling process's message queue. This unexpected leftover could be eliminated if erlang:demonitor/2 with option flush would be used in certain points

    Own Id: OTP-9694

  • Add deps as erlang-flymake include directory.

    Update erlang-flymake to recognize the "deps" folder as an include directory. This makes erlang-flymake compatible with the rebar dependency management tool's default folder structure, which puts included dependencies in "deps".(Thanks to Kevin Albrecht)

    Own Id: OTP-9791

  • Variables are now now allowed in 'fun M:F/A' as suggested by Richard O'Keefe in EEP-23.

    The representation of 'fun M:F/A' in the abstract format has been changed in an incompatible way. Tools that directly read or manipulate the abstract format (such as parse transforms) may need to be updated. The compiler can handle both the new and the old format (i.e. extracting the abstract format from a pre-R15 BEAM file and compiling it using compile:forms/1,2 will work). The syntax_tools application can also handle both formats.


    Own Id: OTP-9643

  • Tuple funs (a two-element tuple with a module name and a function) are now officially deprecated and will be removed in R16. Use 'fun M:F/A' instead. To make you aware that your system uses tuple funs, the very first time a tuple fun is applied, a warning will be sent to the error logger.

    Own Id: OTP-9649

  • Eliminate use of deprecated regexp module

    Own Id: OTP-9810

  • Teach the emacs mode to compile yecc and leex files

    If visiting a .yrl or .xrl file in emacs with erlang-mode, then the `erlang-compile' function (normally bound to C-c C-k), now knows how to compile yecc and leex files, and then, if that compilation succeeds, also compiles the resulting .erl files.

    Also introduce a `erlang-compile-command-function-alist' to make it possible to hook in other functions for computing compilation commands/expressions, depending on file name. (Thanks to Tomas Abrahamsson )

    Own Id: OTP-9503

  • Bugs in xref(3) have been fixed. (Thanks to Matthias Lang.)

    Own Id: OTP-9416

  • Change make:files to behave more like erlc

    This change removes the unnecessary checks on the files when make:files is called and allows the error checking to be done in compile:file, where the error messages are produced. It does not affect the return value.

    (Thanks to Sam bobroff)

    Own Id: OTP-9179

  • add user specified compiler options on form reloading

    In order to be able to test non-exported functions from another (test) module it is necessary to compile the specific module (at least during the test phase) with the export_all compiler option. This allows complete separation of testing and productive code. At the moment it is not possible to combine this with a test code coverage using the cover module. The problem is that when cover compiling a module using cover:compile_* the code is reloaded into the emulator omitting/filtering the passed user options. In my example above the export_all option would be removed and the non-exported functions cannot be called any more. (Thanks to Tobias Schlager)

    Own Id: OTP-9204

  • Inhibit electric newline after "->" when inside a type spec

    The Erlang mode for Emacs inserts a newline after every "->", which saves you one keystroke when writing a function, but that is inappropriate when writing a type spec, as you'd normally keep the spec on one line. This change inhibits the automatic insertion when the current line starts with "-spec" or "-type".(Thanks to Magnus Henoch)

    Own Id: OTP-9255

  • Add a check logic to prevent file descriptor leak

    cover module handle files as raw in export and import. Assert counts of ports are the same at the beginning and at the end of the test case.(Thanks to Shunichi Shinohara)

    Own Id: OTP-9300

  • Declare indentation options as "safe" in erlang-mode for Emacs

    Emacs has a facility for setting options on a per-file basis based on comments in the source file. By default, all options are considered "unsafe", and the user is queried before the variable is set. This patch declares the variables erlang-indent-level, erlang-indent-guard and erlang-argument-indent to be safe, if the value specified in the source file is valid.

    Such declarations usually look like this:

    %% -*- erlang-indent-level: 2 -*-

    and appear on the first line of the file. (thanks to Magnus Henoch)

    Own Id: OTP-9122

  • Cover has been improved to take less memory and allow parallel analysis of cover data. Data collection from nodes is now done in parallel and it is now possible to issue multiple analyse and analyse_to_file requests at the same time. A new function call async_analyse_to_file has also been introduced, see the documentation for more details.

    Own Id: OTP-9043 Aux Id: seq11771

  • eprof: API sort mismatch has now been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-8853

  • eprof: fix division by zero in statistics

    Own Id: OTP-8963

  • cover will now show ampersand characters in the source code correctly. (Thanks to Tom Moertel.)

    Own Id: OTP-8776

  • A race condition affecting Cover has been removed.

    Own Id: OTP-8469

  • Emacs improvements:

    Fixed emacs-mode installation problems.

    Fixed a couple of -spec and -type indentation and font-lock problems.

    Fixed error messages on emacs-21.

    Magnus Henoch fixed several issues.

    Ralf Doering, Klas Johansson and Chris Bernard contributed various emacs-eunit improvements.

    Klas Johansson and Dave Peticolas added emacs-flymake support.

    Own Id: OTP-8530

  • Xref has been updated to use the re module instead of the deprecated regexp module.


    Own Id: OTP-8472

  • When given the option {builtins,true} Xref now adds calls to operators.

    Own Id: OTP-8647

  • eprof has been reimplemented with support in the Erlang virtual machine and is now both faster (i.e. slows down the code being measured less) and scales much better. In measurements we saw speed-ups compared to the old eprof ranging from 6 times (for sequential code that only uses one scheduler/core) up to 84 times (for parallel code that uses 8 cores).

    Note: The API for the eprof has been cleaned up and extended. See the documentation.


    Own Id: OTP-8706

  • A bug concerning bit comprehensions has been fixed in Cover. The bug was introduced in R13B03. (Thanks to Matthew Sackman.)

    Own Id: OTP-8340

  • Add lock profiling tool.

    The Lock profiling tool, lcnt, can make use of the internal lock statistics when the runtime system is built with this feature enabled.

    This provides a mechanism to examine potential lock bottlenecks within the runtime itself.

    - Add erts_debug:lock_counters({copy_save, bool()}). This option enables or disables statistics saving for destroyed processes and ets-tables. Enabling this might consume a lot of memory.

    - Add id-numbering for lock classes which is otherwise undefined.

    Own Id: OTP-8424

  • emacs: Moved code skeletons to a separate file and and added a configurable variable to choose skeleton. Thanks Dave Peticolas.

    Own Id: OTP-8446

  • The coverage analysis tool cover has been improved when it comes to handling list and bit string comprehensions (a counter for each qualifier), bit syntax expressions (the Value and Size expressions), and try expressions (the body called Exprs in the Reference Manual). A few (not all) situations where several expressions are put on the same line are also handled better than before.

    Own Id: OTP-8188 Aux Id: seq11397

  • When loading Cover compiled code on remote nodes running code in the loaded module, a badarg failure was sometimes the result. This bug has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-8270 Aux Id: seq11423

  • The short-circuit operators andalso and orelse are now handled correctly by the coverage analysis tool cover (it is no longer checked that the second argument returns a Boolean value.)

    Own Id: OTP-8273

  • cover now properly escapes greater-than and less-than characters in comments in HTML reports. (Thanks to Magnus Henoch.)

    Own Id: OTP-7939

  • xref:start/1 does now allow anonymous XREF processes to be started

    Own Id: OTP-7831

  • A bug in the Xref scanner has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-7423

  • A bug in Fprof where the function 'undefined' appeared to call 'undefined' has been corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-7509

  • The documentation has been updated so as to reflect the last updates of the Erlang shell as well as the minor modifications of the control sequence p of the io_lib module.

    Superfluous empty lines have been removed from code examples and from Erlang shell examples.

    Own Id: OTP-6944 Aux Id: OTP-6554, OTP-6911

  • tuple_size/1 and byte_size/1 have been substituted for size/1.

    Own Id: OTP-7009

  • The coverage analysis tool cover now handles the short-circuit Boolean expressions andalso/2 and orelse/2 properly.

    Own Id: OTP-7095

  • The cover tool could use huge amounts of memory when used in a distributed system.

    Own Id: OTP-6758

  • Missing buffer-local declaration in erlang.el has been added. Before this fix there could arise problems in other emacs modes after visiting a buffer using the erlang mode.

    Own Id: OTP-6721

  • Key-map for 'backward-delete-char-untabif updated to work properly with Xemacs.

    Own Id: OTP-6723

  • Minor updates of Xref.

    Own Id: OTP-6586

  • Minor Makefile changes.

    Own Id: OTP-6689 Aux Id: OTP-6742

  • "C-u C-c C-k" now does a compile with both "debug_info" and "export_all".

    Own Id: OTP-6741

  • Changes due to internal interface changes in the erts application which are needed at compile-time. No functionality has been changed.

    Own Id: OTP-6611 Aux Id: OTP-6580

  • Made change to support the function erlang-find-tag for xemacs and emacs-21.

    Own Id: OTP-6512

  • Minor updates of xref for future compatibility.

    Own Id: OTP-6513

  • eprof did not work reliably in the SMP emulator, because the trace receiver process could not process the trace messages fast enough. Therefore, eprof now blocks the other schedulers while profiling.

    Own Id: OTP-6373

  • Fprof traces could become truncated for the SMP emulator. This bug has now been corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-6246

  • eprof now works somewhat better in the SMP emulator.

    Own Id: OTP-6152

  • Fixed some bugs in make:

    make:files/1,2 can now handle a file in another directory as argument, similar to make:all/0,1.

    When specifying a file name including the .erl extension in Emakefile, make:all/0,1 looked for the object code in the wrong place.

    When specifying a file name including the .erl extension in Emakefile and some compile options for the file, make:files/0,1 did not use the options as it should do.

    Own Id: OTP-6057 Aux Id: seq10299

  • cover: When cover:stop() was called, the cover compiled code was not unloaded (as stated in the documentation) but simply marked as 'old'. This meant that processes lingering in (or with funs referencing to) the cover compiled code would survive even when the cover server and its ETS tables was terminated.

    Now the cover compiled code is unloaded, meaning that processes lingering in/with references to it will be killed when cover:stop is called, instead of later crashing with badarg when trying to bump counters in ETS tables no longer existing.

  • Replaced call to deprecated function file:file_info/1 with call to filelib:is_dir/1 and filelib:is_regular/1 in tags.erl.

    Own Id: OTP-6079

  • A bug in fprof profiling causing erroneous inconsistent trace failure has been corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-5922 Aux Id: seq10203

  • Emacs: erlang-man-function and erlang-man-module used a pattern matching to find the requested module that sometimes yielded unexpected results. For example, erlang-man-module file would display the man page for CosFileTransfer_File.

    Own Id: OTP-5746 Aux Id: seq10096

  • Some compiler warnings and Dialyzer warnings were eliminated in the Tools application.

    When tracing to a port (which fprof does), there could be fake schedule out/schedule in messages sent for a process that had exited.

    Own Id: OTP-5757

  • The cross reference tool xref did not handle the new fun M:F/A construct properly. This problem has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-5653

  • The cover tool did not escape '<' and '>' not being part of HTML tags in HTML log files.

    Own Id: OTP-5588

  • It is now possible to encrypt the debug information in beam files, to help keep the source code secret. See compile(3) for how to provide the key for encrypting, and beam_lib(3) for how to provide the key for decryption so that tools such as Debugger, xref, or cover can be used.

    The beam_lib:chunks/2 functions now accepts an additional chunk type 'compile_info' to retrieve the compilation information directly as a term. (Thanks to Tobias Lindahl.)

    Own Id: OTP-5460 Aux Id: seq9787

  • The cover tool could not analyze empty modules on module level.

    Own Id: OTP-5418

  • The xref analysis locals_not_used could return too many functions. This problem has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-5071

  • The cover tool could not always compile parse transformed modules. This problem has been fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-5305