1  asn1 Release Notes

1 asn1 Release Notes

This document describes the changes made to the asn1 application.

  • Fix benign warning from gcc 11 about mismatching call to free().

    Own Id: OTP-18844

  • For the per and uper ASN.1 encoding rules, encoding and decoding the SEQUENCE OF and SET OF constructs with 16384 items or more is now supported.

    Own Id: OTP-18245 Aux Id: ERIERL-859

  • There is a new configure option, --enable-deterministic-build, which will apply the deterministic compiler option when building Erlang/OTP. The deterministic option has been improved to eliminate more sources of non-determinism in several applications.

    Own Id: OTP-18165 Aux Id: PR-5965

  • The atom maybe has been quoted in the source code.

    Own Id: OTP-17980

  • For the per and uper ASN.1 encoding rules, encoding and decoding the SEQUENCE OF and SET OF constructs with 16384 items or more is now supported.

    Own Id: OTP-18245 Aux Id: ERIERL-859

  • Add support for the maps option in combination with the jer backend.

    Own Id: OTP-17959 Aux Id: GH-5757

  • A parameterized type with a SEQUENCE with extension ("...") made the compiler backend to crash. The previous fix for this in GH-4514 was not complete.

    Own Id: OTP-17522 Aux Id: GH-4902

  • Fixed a bug in the asn1 compiler that potentially could cause it to fail to open a file.

    Own Id: OTP-17387 Aux Id: OTP-17123

  • A parameterized type with a SEQUENCE with extension ("...") made the compiler backend to crash. The previous fix for this in GH-4514 was not complete.

    Own Id: OTP-17522 Aux Id: GH-4902

  • A parameterized type with a SEQUENCE with extension ("...") made the compiler backend to crash.

    Own Id: OTP-17227 Aux Id: GH-4514

  • For JER encoding rules an INTEGER value outside the declared range is now reported as error during decode.

    Own Id: OTP-17306 Aux Id: ERIERL-506

  • For the JER encoding rules, the declared order of the fields in a SEQUENCE is now maintained in the resulting JSON object. Previously a map was used which caused an undefined order of the fields which was not friendly for debugging.

    Own Id: OTP-17297 Aux Id: ERIERL-607

  • Changes in order to build on the Haiku operating system.

    Thanks to Calvin Buckley

    Own Id: OTP-16707 Aux Id: PR-2638

  • Adhere to the ASN.1 specification for hstring & bstring lexical items. That is they may include white space.

    Own Id: OTP-16490

  • Refactored the internal handling of deprecated and removed functions.

    Own Id: OTP-16469

  • Improve handling of ellipsis in a CHOICE

    Own Id: OTP-16554 Aux Id: ERL-1189

  • Dialyzer warnings of type no_match are now suppressed in the generated files.

    Own Id: OTP-16636 Aux Id: ERIERL-145

  • The compiler now has limited support for the JSON encoding rules (ITU-T X.697 ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of JavaScript Object Notation Encoding Rules).

    Own Id: OTP-16030

  • Fix 'DEFAULT' with 'OCTET STRING' and 'SEQUENCE OF CHOICE' with extensions.

    Own Id: OTP-16542 Aux Id: PR-2159

  • All incorrect (that is, all) uses of "can not" has been corrected to "cannot" in source code comments, documentation, examples, and so on.

    Own Id: OTP-14282 Aux Id: PR-1891

  • Corrected problems with the following value definitions:

    • value of SEQUENCE OF CHOICE with extensions
    • value of CHOICE with extensions
    • DEFAULT used with OCTET STRING

    Own Id: OTP-15697 Aux Id: PR-2159

  • Handle erroneous length during decode (BER only) without crashing.

    Own Id: OTP-15470 Aux Id: ERIERL-278

  • A bug in ASN.1 BER decoding has been fixed. When decoding a recursively enclosed term the length was not propagated to that term decoding, so if the length of the enclosed term was longer than the enclosing that error was not detected.

    A hard coded C stack limitation for decoding recursive ASN.1 terms has been introduced. This is currently set to 8 kWords giving a nesting depth of about 1000 levels. Deeper terms can not be decoded, which should not be much of a real world limitation.

    Own Id: OTP-14440 Aux Id: ERIERL-220

  • Update to use the new string api instead of the old.

    Own Id: OTP-15036

  • Handle erroneous length during decode (BER only) without crashing.

    Own Id: OTP-15470 Aux Id: ERIERL-278

  • A bug in ASN.1 BER decoding has been fixed. When decoding a recursively enclosed term the length was not propagated to that term decoding, so if the length of the enclosed term was longer than the enclosing that error was not detected

    A hard coded C stack limitation for decoding recursive ASN.1 terms has been introduced. This is currently set to 8 kWords giving a nesting depth of about 1000 levels. Deeper terms can not be decoded, which should not be much of a real world limitation.

    Own Id: OTP-14440 Aux Id: ERIERL-220

  • Dialyzer suppression has been added for the generated ASN.1 helper function to_bitstring/1 that previously created irrelevant warnings.

    Own Id: OTP-13882 Aux Id: ERIERL-144

  • There was a issue with BER encoding and the undec_rest option in generated decoders. An exception could be thrown instead of returning an error tuple.

    Own Id: OTP-14786 Aux Id: ERL-518

  • The asn1ct:test functions crashed on decoders generated with options no_ok_wrapper, undec_rest.

    Own Id: OTP-14787 Aux Id: ERL-518

  • Compiling an ASN.1 module using the option {n2n, EnumTypeName} when EnumTypeName contains a hyphen like for example Cause-Misc caused syntax errors when compiling the generated Erlang code. This is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-14495 Aux Id: ERL-437

  • Default values now work in extension for PER, so if you give the atom asn1_DEFAULT instead of a value it will become the default value.

    Own Id: OTP-13011 Aux Id: ERIERL-60

  • Fixed compilation error of generated code caused by a missing quotation of function names as part of an external call for encoding.

    Own Id: OTP-14519 Aux Id: ERIERL-49

  • Add compile option -compile(no_native) in modules with on_load directive which is not yet supported by HiPE.

    Own Id: OTP-14316 Aux Id: PR-1390

  • The error tuple returned from the encode and decode functions will now include the stack backtrace to make it easier to understand what went wrong.

    Own Id: OTP-13961

  • The deprecated module asn1rt has been removed. The deprecated functions asn1ct:encode/3 and asn1ct:decode/3 have been removed. The undocumented function asn1ct:encode/2 has been removed.


    Own Id: OTP-14146

  • The new 'maps' option changes the representation of the types SEQUENCE and SET to be maps (instead of records).

    Own Id: OTP-14219

  • Compiling multiple ASN.1 modules in the same directory with parallel make (make -j) should now be safe.

    Own Id: OTP-13624

  • Internal changes

    Own Id: OTP-13551

  • When compiling to the PER format, the ASN.1 compiler would crash when attempting to compile an ASN.1 module with a constrained INTEGER with more than 65536 values and named values. (Thanks to Ingars for reporting this bug.)

    Own Id: OTP-13257

  • The ASN.1 compiler will now emit Dialyzer suppressions for improper lists. Thus, there is no longer any need to use --Wno_improper_lists when analyzing modules generated by the ASN.1 compiler.

    Own Id: OTP-13324

  • Trying to encode an empty named BIT STRING in BER would fail with a function_clause exception. (Thanks to Svilen Ivanov for reporting this bug.)

    Own Id: OTP-13149

  • Many bugs have been eliminated in the the ASN.1 compiler so that it can now successfully compile many more ASN.1 specifications. Error messages have also been improved.

    Own Id: OTP-12395

  • The documentation for asn1ct:test/1,2,3 and asn1ct:value/2 has been updated with information about the limitations of the functions.

    Own Id: OTP-12765 Aux Id: seq12866, seq12867

  • The ASN.1 compiler would crash if a SEQUENCE ended with a double set of ellipses (...).

    Own Id: OTP-12546 Aux Id: seq12815

  • When decoding BER, primitives with an indefinite length will be immediately rejected. (Thanks to Simon Cornish for reporting this bug.)

    Own Id: OTP-12205

  • BER: A bug with compliance to X.680 (200811) s31.2.7 has been fixed. Basically, when TagDefault is AUTOMATIC then tags are IMPLICIT unless EXPLICIT is given.

    Own Id: OTP-12318

  • Usage of the EXTERNAL 1994 variant type was broken.

    Own Id: OTP-12326

  • Several problems where the ASN.1 compiler would crash when attempting to compile correct specifications have been corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-12125

  • Robustness when decoding incorrect BER messages has been improved.

    Own Id: OTP-12145

  • The ASN.1 compiler now generates code that don't trigger Dialyzer warnings. Along the way, a few minor bugs were fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-11372 Aux Id: seq12397

  • Subtyping an extensible ENUMERATED would cause an compilation error. (Thanks to Morten Nygaard Åsnes for reporting this bug.)

    Own Id: OTP-11700

  • When specifying the value for an OCTET STRING in a specification, the ASN.1 standard clearly states that the value must be either a bstring or an hstring, but NOT a cstring. The ASN.1 compiler will now generate a compilation error if the value of an OCTET STRING is given as a character string.

    That is, the following example is now illegal:

    string OCTET STRING ::= "Now illegal"


    Own Id: OTP-11727

  • Application upgrade (appup) files are corrected for the following applications:

    asn1, common_test, compiler, crypto, debugger, dialyzer, edoc, eldap, erl_docgen, et, eunit, gs, hipe, inets, observer, odbc, os_mon, otp_mibs, parsetools, percept, public_key, reltool, runtime_tools, ssh, syntax_tools, test_server, tools, typer, webtool, wx, xmerl

    A new test utility for testing appup files is added to test_server. This is now used by most applications in OTP.

    (Thanks to Tobias Schlager)

    Own Id: OTP-11744

  • By giving --enable-static-{nifs,drivers} to configure it is now possible to statically linking of nifs and drivers to the main Erlang VM binary. At the moment only the asn1 and crypto nifs of the Erlang/OTP nifs and drivers have been prepared to be statically linked. For more details see the Installation Guide in the System documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-11258

  • Code generation for the per and uper backends has been somewhat improved.

    Own Id: OTP-11573

  • The OCTET STRING and BIT STRING types now have a more natural mapping to Erlang types (binary and bitstring, respectively), which is more efficient and will avoid useless conversions between lists and binaries/bitstrings.

    This is an incompatible change. To revert to the old mapping to support existing applications, use the legacy_erlang_types option.

    Impact: There is a potential for better performance, as it is now possible to avoid conversions between lists and binaries both in the generated ASN.1 encode/decode code and in the application itself.


    Own Id: OTP-11594

  • All functions in the asn1rt module, as well as asn1ct:decode/3 and asn1ct:encode/3, are now deprecated.

    Own Id: OTP-11731

  • Generated .hrl files are now protected from being included more than once.

    Own Id: OTP-11804

  • The default value for a BIT STRING would not always be recognized, causing the encoding to be incorrect for the DER/PER/UPER encodings.

    Own Id: OTP-11319

  • The ASN.1 application would fail to build if the .erlang file printed something to standard output.

    Own Id: OTP-11360

  • An union of integer ranges in an INTEGER constraint could sometimes be interpreted as the intersection of the range.

    Own Id: OTP-11411 Aux Id: seq12443

  • Extensible, multiple single value constraints (such as INTEGER (1|17, ...)) would be incorrectly encoded.

    Own Id: OTP-11415

  • The ASN.1 compiler would fail to compile a constraint with values given for for the extension part (such as INTEGER (1..10, ..., 11..20)).

    Own Id: OTP-11504

  • The new option 'no_ok_wrapper' generates M:encode/2 and M:decode/2 functions that don't wrap the return value in an {ok,...} tuple.

    Own Id: OTP-11314

  • Open types greater than 16383 bytes will now be correctly encoded and decoded.

    Own Id: OTP-11262 Aux Id: seq12386, OTP-11223

  • For the PER and UPER formats, code generation especially for encoding has been improved.

    When encoding BIT STRINGs, values longer than the maximum size for the BIT STRING type would be truncated silently - they now cause an exception.

    Open types greater than 16383 bytes will now be correctly encoded and decoded.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For ASN.1 specifications that depend on each other, such as the S1AP-* specifications, it is important to recompile all specifications (compiling some with this version of the compiler and some with an older version will not work).

    Own Id: OTP-11300

  • Fix some Makefile rules that didn't support silent rules. Thanks to Anthony Ramine.

    Own Id: OTP-11111

  • PER/UPER: A semi-constrained INTEGER with a non-zero lower bound would be incorrectly decoded. This bug was introduced in R16.

    PER/UPER: Given INTEGER (10..MAX, ...), attempting to decode any integer below 10 would cause the encoder to enter an infinite loop.

    PER/UPER: For a type with an extensible SIZE constraint, sizes outside of the root range were incorrectly encoded.

    Given a constraint such as (SIZE (5, ...)), encoding a size less than 5 would fail (PER/UPER). Similarly, for BER decoding would fail.

    PER: The encoder did not align a known multiplier string (such as IA5String) of length 16 bits (exactly) to an octet boundary.

    In rare circumstances, DEFAULT values for the UPER backend could be wrongly encoded.

    Own Id: OTP-11134

  • UPER: The compiler would crash when compiling an ENUMERATED having more than 63 extended values.

    PER/UPER: A SEQUENCE with more 64 extended values could not be decoded.

    Own Id: OTP-11153

  • When decoding a SEQUENCE defined inline inside a an extension addition group, the record named generated by the decoding code would not match the name in the generated .hrl file.

    Own Id: OTP-11154 Aux Id: seq12339

  • Postscript files no longer needed for the generation of PDF files have been removed.

    Own Id: OTP-11016

  • When an object set is an actual parameter, the extension marker for the object set could get lost (which would cause the decoding of unknown values to fail).

    Own Id: OTP-10995 Aux Id: seq12290

  • The generated decoder for the 'per' and 'uper' backends did not correctly decode ENUMERATEDs with a single value.

    The generated encoder for the 'per' and 'uper' backends generated an empty binary for a top-level type that did not need to be encoded (such as an ENUMERATED with a single value). The correct result should be a binary containing a 0 byte.

    Own Id: OTP-10916 Aux Id: seq12270

  • Fixed broken table constraints within a SET OF or SEQUENCE OF for the BER backend.

    Own Id: OTP-10853 Aux Id: seq12245

  • Encoding SEQUENCEs with multiple extension addition groups with optional values could fail (depending both on the specification and whether all values were provided).

    Own Id: OTP-10664

  • The options for the ASN.1 compiler has been drastically simplified. The backend is chosen by using ber, per, or uper. The options optimize, nif, and driver are no longer needed. The old options will still work, but will issue a warning.

    Another change is that generated encode/2 function will always return a binary (some backends used to return an iolist).


    Own Id: OTP-10410 Aux Id: kunagi-254 [165]

  • The ASN.1 compiler generates faster decode functions for PER and UPER. Some minor improvements have also been made for PER/UPER encoding, and to the BER backend.

    Own Id: OTP-10519 Aux Id: kunagi-322 [233]

  • The ASN.1 compiler will now always include necessary run-time functions in the generated Erlang modules (except for asn1rt_nif which is still needed). If the option 'inline' is used the ASN.1 compiler will generate a warning. But if '{inline,OutputFile}' is use, the ASN.1 compiler will refuse to compile the file. (Use a .set.asn file if you need to remove the output file.)

    The 'BIT STRING' type will now be decoded as Erlang bitstrings by default. Use the new legacy_bit_string option to encode as lists of ones and zeroes. (The compact_bit_string option still works as before.)

    Open types are now always returned as binaries (when there is no information allowing them to be decoded).


    Own Id: OTP-10588 Aux Id: kunagi-341 [252]

  • ASN.1 decoders generated with the options -bber_bin +optimize +nif would decode open types with a size larger than 511 incorrectly. That bug could cause decoding by public_key to fail. The bug was in the NIF library asn1_erl_nif.so; therefore there is no need re-compile ASN.1 specifications that had the problem.

    Own Id: OTP-10805 Aux Id: seq12244

  • Encoding SEQUENCEs with multiple extension addition groups with optional values could fail (depending both on the specification and whether all values were provided).

    Own Id: OTP-10811 Aux Id: OTP-10664

  • Encoding and decoding of integer ranges can now be done with an upper bound larger than the previous limit of 16^10. The new upper bound in per encoding and decodings for constrained whole numbers is 2^2040 (close to 16^508)

    Own Id: OTP-10128

  • Per encoding/decoding now works correctly for single value subtyping of an integer type where a subtype is a predefined value. Previously a predefined value could cause a non-valid range-check in the generated Erlang code for per encoding/decoding due to a bug in the constraint checking.

    Own Id: OTP-10139

  • Fix typo error in selected decode function (Thanks to Artem Teslenko)

    Own Id: OTP-10152

  • Better error indication when detecting unexpected tags during decoding of BER encoded data.

    Own Id: OTP-10186

  • asn1rt_check: Fix transform_to_EXTERNAL1990 for binary input (Thanks to Harald Welte)

    Own Id: OTP-10233

  • Add support for multiple ExtensionAdditionGroups

    Own Id: OTP-10058

  • Add support for extensible enumeration types in n2n generated functions.

    Own Id: OTP-10144

  • Some ASN.1 INTEGER type and SEQUENCE constructor variants previously not handled by the ASN.1 compiler are now correctly handled

    Own Id: OTP-9688

  • An INTEGER with a value constraint where unions are used e.g. X1 ::= INTEGER (1..4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 20) is not handled correctly. For PER the value is encoded in wrong number of bits.

    Own Id: OTP-9946

  • The linked-in driver used for ber decode and per encode has been replaced with nifs. To enable the usage of nifs pass the nif option to erlc or asn1rt:compile when compiling. If you previously used the linked-in driver, you have to recompile your ASN1 modules with the current version of asn1 application as the linked-in driver modules have been removed.


    Own Id: OTP-9419

  • A few of the heavy calculations which are done for encoding and decoding operations when dealing with SEQUENCE OF and DEFAULT in runtime have been moved to be done in compile time instead.

    Own Id: OTP-9440

  • When compiling an ASN.1 ber module with the +nif option, the module will use a new nif for ber encoding, increasing performance by about 5%.

    Own Id: OTP-9441

  • Tuple funs (a two-element tuple with a module name and a function) are now officially deprecated and will be removed in R16. Use 'fun M:F/A' instead. To make you aware that your system uses tuple funs, the very first time a tuple fun is applied, a warning will be sent to the error logger.

    Own Id: OTP-9649

  • Implement or fix -Werror option

    If -Werror is enabled and there are warnings no output file is written. Also make sure that error/warning reporting is consistent. (Thanks to Tuncer Ayaz)

    Own Id: OTP-9536

  • Test cases which started failing when timer:tc was changed to not catch are corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-9286

  • The bounds checking in the asn1_erl_driver when the length value of a TLV is a Long Definite Length is corrected. Thanks to Vance Shipley.

    Own Id: OTP-9303

  • asn1ct: Make formatting of errors and warnings consistent

    Consistently format warning and error reports. Warning and error options from erlc now also work in asnc1ct. (thanks to Tuncer Ayaz)

    Own Id: OTP-9062

  • Shut off some dialyzer warnings

    Own Id: OTP-9063

  • Crash in asn1ct_check, componentrelation_leadingattr fixed. (Thanks to Stephane Pamelard for finding the bug)

    Own Id: OTP-9092

  • The encoding of ExtensionAdditionGroup (for PER and UPER) is corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-8866 Aux Id: OTP-8797, SEQ-11557

  • A race condition when several processes in parallel start to do encode/decode using the driver could cause an error log regarding crashing port owner process. This race is now eliminated.

    Own Id: OTP-8948 Aux Id: seq11733

  • Extension Addition Groups are now supported by the parser and in all backends.

    Own Id: OTP-8598 Aux Id: seq-11557

  • Extension Addition Groups are now supported in nested types within a SEQUENCE and CHOICE as well (missed that in previous fix)

    Own Id: OTP-8797 Aux Id: seq-11557

  • Bug in UNALIGNED PER regarding encoding and decoding of constrained numbers with a valuerange > 1024. (Thanks to Vincent de Phily)

    Own Id: OTP-8779

  • Minor corrections in the User Guide.

    Own Id: OTP-8829

  • By default, the ASN.1 compiler is now silent in the absence of warnings or errors. The new 'verbose' option or the '-v' option for erlc can be given to show extra information (for instance, about the files that are generated). (Thanks to Tuncer Ayaz.)

    Own Id: OTP-8565

  • Harmless buffer overflow by one byte in asn1 and ram_file_drv.

    Own Id: OTP-8451

  • Cross compilation improvements and other build system improvements.

    Most notable:

    • Lots of cross compilation improvements. The old cross compilation support was more or less non-existing as well as broken. Please, note that the cross compilation support should still be considered as experimental. Also note that old cross compilation configurations cannot be used without modifications. For more information on cross compiling Erlang/OTP see the $ERL_TOP/INSTALL-CROSS.md file.
    • Support for staged install using DESTDIR. The old broken INSTALL_PREFIX has also been fixed. For more information see the $ERL_TOP/INSTALL.md file.
    • Documentation of the release target of the top Makefile. For more information see the $ERL_TOP/INSTALL.md file.
    • make install now by default creates relative symbolic links instead of absolute ones. For more information see the $ERL_TOP/INSTALL.md file.
    • $ERL_TOP/configure --help=recursive now works and prints help for all applications with configure scripts.
    • Doing make install, or make release directly after make all no longer triggers miscellaneous rebuilds.
    • Existing bootstrap system is now used when doing make install, or make release without a preceding make all.
    • The crypto and ssl applications use the same runtime library path when dynamically linking against libssl.so and libcrypto.so. The runtime library search path has also been extended.
    • The configure scripts of erl_interface and odbc now search for thread libraries and thread library quirks the same way as ERTS do.
    • The configure script of the odbc application now also looks for odbc libraries in lib64 and lib/64 directories when building on a 64-bit system.
    • The config.h.in file in the erl_interface application is now automatically generated in instead of statically updated which reduces the risk of configure tests without any effect.

    (Thanks to Henrik Riomar for suggestions and testing)

    (Thanks to Winston Smith for the AVR32-Linux cross configuration and testing)


    Own Id: OTP-8323

  • Add support for prefixing macro names generated by the compiler

    This is useful when multiple protocols that contains macros with identical names are included in a single module.

    Add the missing record_name_prefix compiler option to the documentation.

    Own Id: OTP-8453

  • Cleanups suggested by tidier and modernization of types and specs.

    Own Id: OTP-8455

  • Support for EXTENSIBILITY IMPLIED and SET/SEQ OF NamedType is added.

    Own Id: OTP-8463

  • The documentation is now built with open source tools (xsltproc and fop) that exists on most platforms. One visible change is that the frames are removed.

    Own Id: OTP-8256

  • A new option {n2n,TypeName} can be used to enable generation of conversion functions from name to number and vice versa for selected ENUMERATION types. The option can be repeated many times in order to specify several types in the same file.
    If the TypeName specified does not exists or is not an ENUMERATION type, the compilation will be terminated with an error code.
    Below follows an example on how to use the option from the command line with erlc:
    erlc -bper+"{n2n,'CauseMisc'}" +"{n2n,'CausePcl'}" MyModyle.asn

    Own Id: OTP-8136 Aux Id: seq11347

  • Range checks added for BIT STRING with fixed SIZE constraint.

    Own Id: OTP-7972 Aux Id: seq11280

  • Now support multiple-line comments in asn1-specs as specified in ASN1 X.680 (07/2002), section 11.6.4

    Own Id: OTP-8043

  • Now parses and adds abstract syntax for PATTERN subtype constraint. No other action is taken on this type of constraint.

    Own Id: OTP-8046

  • The ASN1 subtype constraint CONTAINING Type, CONTAINING Type ENCODED BY Value and ENCODED BY Value now is parsed. Abstract syntax is added but no further action in generated code is taken.

    Own Id: OTP-8047

  • A faulty receive case that catch-ed all messages in the initialization of the driver has been removed, the initialization has been restructured.

    Own Id: OTP-7954 Aux Id: seq11220

  • The anonymous part of the decode that splits the ASN1 TLV into Tag Value tuples has been optimized.

    Own Id: OTP-7953

  • Error that caused crash when drivers were loaded is now corrected. Parallel driver for asn1 now enabled.

    Own Id: OTP-7904 Aux Id: seq11220

  • Optimized code for ENUMERATION type in encoder/decoder.

    Own Id: OTP-7909

  • Removed parallel-driver functionality due to failure when loading the driver.

    Own Id: OTP-7900 Aux Id: seq11220

  • Generated code now uses guards that is not obsolete, e.g. is_integer/1 instead of integer/1.

    Own Id: OTP-7910

  • A BIT STRING with a size constraint that has a single value and an extension as in BIT STRING (SIZE (16,...)) was erroneous encoded/decoded. This is now corrected and follows X.691 Section 15.6.

    Own Id: OTP-7876 Aux Id: seq11220

  • Now asn1 starts multiple drivers to enable simultaneous encode/decode in different processes for the asn1-backends using linked-in driver.

    Own Id: OTP-7801

  • Decode of an open_type when the value was empty tagged type encoded with indefinite length failed. This is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-7759 Aux Id: seq11166

  • Encode of BIT STRING with size of exact length, on compact_bit_string format in UNALIGNED PER failed when value had the right size, i.e. no padding needed.

    Own Id: OTP-7763 Aux Id: seq11182

  • For a BIT STRING with SIZE constraint higher than 255 compiled with [per_bin,optimize, compact_bit_string] an improper io-list was created and sent to the c-driver for complete encoding. This error has been resolved.

    Own Id: OTP-7734 Aux Id: seq11170

  • A a SEQUENCE OF with a type that is a CHOICE with ellipses occurred falsely a compile error. The error causing that is now removed.

    Own Id: OTP-7708 Aux Id: seq11136

  • constrained number with a value-range greater than 512 now has the proper interpretation of the values that causes shift to the next number of units (bits), According to limit condition 2^m < "range" =< 2^(m + 1) then the number of bits are m + 1.

    Own Id: OTP-7681 Aux Id: seq11114

  • Can now handle default values of simple types that is provided on its own format, i.e. not just as asn1_DEFAULT.

    Own Id: OTP-7678 Aux Id: seq11114

  • comparison of two value definitions failed due to new module name field in valuedef record. It is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-7608

  • Bug regarding propagation of parameters of parameterized type fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-7174 Aux Id: seq10864

  • A bug, related to instantiation of a parameterized type with a type definition in the parameter-list, has been removed. The definition of the parameter type was in another module than the instance definition causing limited module info.

    Own Id: OTP-7299 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Removed hard-coded name that may cause name collision.

    Own Id: OTP-7322 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Object set of a class with id with properties UNIQUE OPTIONAL and the id field is lacking in the object is for now treated as a object without a unique identifier, i.e. no table is generated for this object.

    Own Id: OTP-7332 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Compiler crashed when failed to handle a OID as ValueFromObject.

    Own Id: OTP-7476 Aux Id: seq10999

  • A corrupted encoding may cause a loop when a buffer of at least two bytes of zero matches tag and length of a SET component. This behavior occurred only with decoder generated with ber or ber_bin options. Now a control breaks the loop.

    Own Id: OTP-7533

  • Encode of BIT STRING longer than 255 bits with a SIZE(integer()) constraint caused a crash when spec was compiled with per_bin, optimize options.

    Own Id: OTP-7602 Aux Id: seq11079

  • Now supports REAL type of base 2 and 10

    Own Id: OTP-7166 Aux Id: seq10864

  • By the asn1 compiler option {record_name_prefix Name} a prefix is chosen to the name of the record generated in the .hrl and used in the generated .erl files.

    Own Id: OTP-7204 Aux Id: seq10853

  • The TypeFromObject production now covered

    Own Id: OTP-7295 Aux Id: seq10468

  • Extended support for ObjectSetFromObjects. Production occurred as a part of the RootElementSetSpec of the ObjectSetSpec. Added also support for Exclusion of Element in ObjectSetSpec.

    Own Id: OTP-7306 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now implements RELATIVE-OID

    Own Id: OTP-7334 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now is ordering, according to the canonical order, of components in a SET added. Canonical order is described in X.691 9.2 and X.680 8.6

    Own Id: OTP-7375 Aux Id: unaligned PER

  • The precedence rules for extended constraints have been misinterpreted. The rule says for instance that if there are more than one constraint on a type that have extension-mark, only the last of the extension-marks would be kept. This affects the encoding of PER and is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-7400 Aux Id: OTP-7335

  • A constrained number with a single-value constraint that is extensible was falsely encoded/decoded in aligned/unaligned PER. This is now corrected.

    Own Id: OTP-7403

  • The ASN.1 compiler has got a new backend supporting PER UNALIGNED. Previously it was only support for PER ALIGNED.

    Own Id: OTP-7335

  • Now the asn1-compiler handles unions and intersections of PermittedAlphabet constraints.

    Own Id: OTP-7374 Aux Id: unaligned PER

  • With the undocumented option no_final_padding the whole encoded message is not padded to a border of a byte. Thus the returned encoded message is a bitstring.

    Own Id: OTP-7407

  • When duplicates of object fields were removed only one table access function for each unique identifier value was generated. This can occur when several object sets are merged by use of ObjectSetFromObjects.

    Own Id: OTP-7263 Aux Id: seq10864

  • DER: For some complex types and components with reference to type in several steps the default value check function was not generated. This is now fixed.

    Own Id: OTP-7268 Aux Id: seq10684

  • Now is the tag in a tagged type as parameter propagated to the instance.

    Own Id: OTP-7273 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Added type T61String that is similar to TeletexString

    Own Id: OTP-7264 Aux Id: seq10864

  • A bug related to renaming of types has been fixed.This occurred using the .set.asn functionality.

    Own Id: OTP-7149 Aux Id: seq10853

  • syntax error in ASN1 value now correctly shown

    Own Id: OTP-7154 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now a COMPONENTS OF construct in a parameterized type is expanded correctly

    Own Id: OTP-7155 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now the asn1-compiler also handles empty SEQUENCE DEFAULT values as {}.

    Own Id: OTP-7169 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now SelectionType gets the tag of the selected type.

    Own Id: OTP-7171 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Correction of generated code for decode of an open type in a SEQUECNE OF/ SET OF

    Own Id: OTP-7193 Aux Id: seq10875

  • Misc improvements and bug corrections regarding default values.

    Own Id: OTP-7199 Aux Id: seq10864

  • Now generating records in .hrl file for instances of parameterized SEQUENCE or SET.

    Own Id: OTP-6835

  • Optimization using bitstr in encode/decode functions. Active with [per_bin, optimize] options.


    Own Id: OTP-6882

  • Parsing and encoding/decoding of type constrained with SIZE with extension is now recovered.

    Own Id: OTP-6763

  • inline failed because trying to use a removed module.

    Own Id: OTP-6769

  • Fixed problem with a reference to a type from an object. The failure was caused bye change of type name when using inline option.

    Own Id: OTP-6770

  • Handling of decode pattern for exclusive decode was false in the case when an un-decoded component had more than one following elements that should be decoded.

    Own Id: OTP-6786

  • Now the asn1-compiler supports two root lists in SEQUENCE and SET according to alternative three in ComponentTypeLists (X.680 07/2002 section 24.1), i.e. with an extension list between two ellipses.

    Own Id: OTP-5067 Aux Id: seq8452

  • Merging modules by inline earlier disabled the driver (used in modules generated with [optimized]/[optimized,driver] options). Now this is repaired.

    Own Id: OTP-6601

  • Checking phase now aware of which module an INSTANCE OF is declared in.

    Own Id: OTP-6702

  • The compiler now handle all forms of ObjectSetSpec according to ITU-T recommendation X.681 (ISO/IEC 8824-2:2002).

    Own Id: OTP-6698

  • Enhanced support of referencing object sets by ObjectSetFromObjects.

    Own Id: OTP-6707

  • Support for parameterized object in an object set.

    Own Id: OTP-6717