Feature support.
Module erl_features was introduced in OTP 25.0.

This module contains functions for supporting features that can be enabled/disabled in Erlang. It should be considered as mostly for internal use, although there are some functions that might be useful when writing tools.

Return a list of all known features. This list will include features that have been removed (status rejected) and features that are no longer configurable (status permanent).

Return a list of all configurable features, that is, features with status experimental or approved. These are the features that can be enabled or disabled.


Description = string()
FeatureInfoMap =
    #{description := Description,
      short := Description,
      type := type(),
      keywords := [atom()],
      status := status(),
      experimental => release(),
      approved => release(),
      permanent => release(),
      rejected => release()}

Return a map containing information about the given feature.

Return a list of the features that are currently enabled. Note that the set of enabled is set during startup and can then not be changed.

Return the list of features enabled when compiling the module. The module need not be loaded, but is found if it exists in the loadpath. If not all features used by the module are enabled in the runtime, loading the module is not allowed.