Erlang OTP 22.3 is released

March 16, 2020 · by Kenneth Lundin

Erlang/OTP 22.3 is the last planned patch package for the 22 major release with new features, improvements and bugfixes. Below follows some highlights.

Highlights #

  • ssl/public_key: * Implementation of the key and initialization vector update feature, and general hardening of TLS 1.3. There are cryptographic limits on the amount of plaintext which can be safely encrypted under a given set of keys. This change enforces those limits by triggering automatic key updates on TLS 1.3 connections.
  • Add support for TLS 1.3 Session Tickets (stateful and stateless). This allows session resumption using keying material from a previous successful handshake.
  • Add support for key exchange with Edward curves and PSS-RSA padding in signature verification.
  • erts: * A socket “registry” has been added making it possible to list current open sockets.
  • Add a “full featured” version of getifaddrs in the net module.
  • ssh: * The new functions ssh:set_sock_opts/2 and ssh:get_sock_opts/2 sets and reads option values for the underlying TCP stream.
  • Changes to the internal api of the experimental ssh_dbg tool.
  • common_test: The ct_property_test has now a report function for results of stateful testing.
  • stdlib: * Implement uri_string:resolve/{2,3} that can be used to resolve a URI reference against a base URI.
  • In gen_statem it is now possible to change the callback module for a running server. See gen_statem’s documentation for change_callback_module, push_callback_module, and pop_callback_module.

For more details see Pre built versions for Windows can be fetched here: Online documentation can be browsed here: The source tarball can be fetched here: The documentation can be fetched here: The man pages can be fetched here: The Erlang/OTP source can also be found at GitHub on the official Erlang repository: OTP-22.3

Thank you for all your contributions!