Erlang OTP 24.3 is released

March 10, 2022 ยท by Henrik Nord

OTP 24.3 #

Erlang/OTP 24.3 is the third and final maintenance patch package for OTP 24, with mostly bug fixes as well as a few improvements.

Below are some highlights of the release:

Highlights #

  • crypto: The crypto app in OTP can now be compiled, linked and used with the new OpenSSL 3.0 cryptolib. It has not yet been extensively tested, so only recommended for experiments and alpha testing in this release. There are not yet any guaranties that it works, not even together with other OTP applications like for example SSL and SSH, although there are no known errors.
  • erts, kernel: Support for using socket:sockaddr_in() and socket:sockaddr_in6() when using gen_sctp, gen_tcp and gen_udp, will make it possible to use Link Local IPv6 addresses.
  • erts, kernel: By default global does not take any actions to restore a fully connected network when connections are lost due to network issues. This is problematic for all applications expecting a fully connected network to be provided, such as for example mnesia, but also for global itself. A network of overlapping partitions might cause the internal state of global to become inconsistent. Such an inconsistency can remain even after such partitions have been brought together to form a fully connected network again. The effect on other applications that expects that a fully connected network is maintained may vary, but they might misbehave in very subtle hard to detect ways during such a partitioning. In order to prevent such issues, we have introduced a prevent overlapping partitions fix which can be enabled using the prevent_overlapping_partitions kernel(6) parameter. As of OTP 25 this fix will become enabled by default

For more details and downloads follow this link

The Erlang/OTP source can also be found at GitHub on the official Erlang repository,