Mike Williams, co-inventor of the Erlang programming language, will deliver the first keynote. Elixir’s inventor, José Valim – also a Ruby on Rails Core Team member, will give a joint keynote with Dave Thomas - author of The Pragmatic Programmer. As a premiere, the conference will have an entire track dedicated to the Elixir programming language. Other speakers include Bruce Tate - author of 7 Languages in 7 Weeks, Dave Thomas - author of The Pragmatic Programmer, Bob Ippolito - founder of Mochi Media and Erlang hacker, Rick Reed - software engineer at WhatsApp, Brett Cameron - senior software architect with HP’s corporate Cloud S, Stu Bailey - CTO of Infoblox,  Erik Stenman - chief scientist at Klarna, Duncan McGregor-senior manager at Rackspace and many more.

Early Bird rates end on 11 February


Another first is the significant broadening of the range of training available before and after the conference. Besides the already traditional Erlang courses, this year participants are also offered courses on Elixir, Cowboy, Riak and Kazoo.