Erlang Solutions now provides binary packages of Erlang

April 09, 2012 ยท by Kenneth Lundin

The description below is an excerpt from Erlang Solutions download page.

Erlang Solutions has the facilities to port Erlang to your operating system and hardware platform of choice. We have ported Erlang to a wide range of configurations, from embedded to high specification servers. These have included HiPE enabled, 32 and 64 bit configurations, alongside the half-word emulator. We have worked with operating systems such as VxWorks, OSE Delta, QNX, Android and iOS as well as the most popular operating systems. We are able to create and test customized binaries where your applications are packaged and tested alongside the OTP ones on the hardware / operating systems of your choice. Packages and ports that we are currently building and testing free of charge include popular Linux, Mac OS X and Windows versions. They can be downloaded from their Erlang Download page.