Core Development


Erlang is a programming language originally developed at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory. OTP (Open Telecom Platform) is a collection of middleware and libraries in Erlang. Erlang/OTP has been battle tested in a number of Ericsson products for building robust fault-tolerant distributed applications, for example AXD301 (ATM switch). Erlang/OTP is currently maintained by the Erlang/OTP unit at Ericsson. 



The latest development roadmaps are published by Ericsson at the annual Erlang User Conference in Stockholm and Erlang Factory in SF Bay Area. You can find them in the conference archives and on the issue tracker at bugs.erlang.org.



Since OTP 18.0, Erlang/OTP is released under Apache License 2.0. The older releases were released under Erlang Public License (EPL), a derivative work of the Mozilla Public License (MPL).