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This is our main mailing list for Erlang/OTP discussion


  • erlang-questions: The main forum for Erlang/OTP questions and discussions. You can ask any questions about Erlang programming. This list is mirrored by the Google Group Erlang Programming.

Other mailing lists:


  • erlang-patches: If you have submitted a patch to Erlang/OTP, you can post it here and get feedback from other developers.
  • erlang-announce: Subscribe to this list if you only want to receive the announcements of new Erlang/OTP releases. The announcements are also sent to erlang-questions.
  • eeps: Discussions regarding specific Erlang Enhancement Proposals (EEPs). See more at Erlang Enhancement Proposals.

Bug Report

You can report bugs, improvements or new features on the Erlang issue tracker.

Chat Rooms




StackOverflow Q&A


Erlang on StackOverflow an active topic on StackOverflow. Exchange your Erlang programming knowledge with other Erlang developers.


User Groups


Discover local Erlang user groups in your city on Meetup.


Conferences & Events


Erlang User Conference

The Erlang User Conference is one of the major Erlang conferences. It takes place in Stockholm, Sweden every year.

Erlang Factory

The Erlang Factory conferences provide inspiring talks, trainings and workshops with leading Erlang experts. In San Francisco Bay Area, London, Berlin and many other cities.

ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshops

Erlang Workshops held in conjunction to ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP).




The official Erlang/OTP repository at GitHub

The official Erlang/OTP repository at GitHub

Erlang plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

A community-maintained IntelliJ plug-in for Erlang. Intelligent Editor, Code Navigation, Tools and frameworks integration, VCS Integrations and Cross-platform.

Erlide: Erlang plugin for Eclipse

A community-maintained Eclipse plug-in for Erlang.


Erlang Applications



Rebar3 is a build tool in Erlang, which provides deterministic builds, conflict resolution, packages (integrating with, and more.


Riak is a distributed NoSQL database that is highly available, scalable and easy to operate.


Open source multi-protocol messaging broker.


A scalable MQTT message broker.


Ejabberd is a Jabber/XMPP instant messaging server. ejabberd is cross-platform, fault-tolerant, clusterable, and modular.


MongooseIM is a base platform for building high performance messaging systems leveraging XMPP.


Small, fast, modular HTTP server.


Erlang Enhancement Process


For enhancements of the Erlang language itself or the core libraries to be thoroughly reviewed there is the Erlang Enhancement Process involving Erlang Extension Proposals (EEPs) stored in a GIT repository currently at Github. One of the Mailing Lists is dedicated for EEPs.


Research Projects



The Prowess project advances property-based testing into the domain of web services and other open, evolving systems.

Paraphrase, EU FP7 project

The ParaPhrase project aims to produce a new structured design and implementation process for heterogeneous parallel architectures.

RELEASE, an EU FP7 project

A project that is working with scalability over massive numbers of cores and nodes. The work is done as enhancements and additions to the Erlang/OTP system.HiPE (High Performance Erlang)

Information about the High-Performance Erlang project at Uppsala university, Sweden.