Core Development

Erlang/OTP is developed and maintained by the Erlang/OTP group at Ericsson. The source code, Windows installers and more can be found on our downloads page.


We are at Github for sharing the source code and for our preferred way of submitting patches. A patch submitted according to the description there can actually make it straight into the source code development branch. You can also check out the current active patches at our development page

GIT especially at Github is a very convenient way of working with the Erlang/OTP source code since it is the upcoming revision control systems used by the developers, alongside the legacy ClearCase.

Questions, Bug Reports and Patches

For questions about Erlang and OTP you should subscribe to the appropriate Mailing Lists at, before posting. The developers monitor these mailing lists as does thousands of I'd say friendly members worldwide.

The links page contain directions to other community sites.

Erlang Enhancement Process

For enhancements of the Erlang language itself or the core libraries to be thoroughly reviewed there is the Erlang Enhancement Process involving Erlang Extension Proposals (EEPs) stored in a GIT repository currently at Github. One of the Mailing Lists is dedicated for EEPs.

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