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Welcome to Erlang/OTP, a complete development environment for concurrent programming.

The Erlang language is described in the Erlang Reference Manual. An Erlang tutorial can be found in Getting Started With Erlang.

In addition to the documentation here Erlang is described in several books like:

These books are highly recommended as a start for learning Erlang.

More information about learning resources, editors and other tools can be found on our official Erlang web site.

  • Erlang/OTP is divided into a number of OTP applications. An application normally contains Erlang modules. Some OTP applications, such as the C interface erl_interface, are written in other languages and have no Erlang modules.

  • When developing with Erlang/OTP you usually test your programs from the interactive shell (see Getting Started With Erlang) where you can call individual functions. There is also a number of tools available, such as the graphical Debugger and the Observer tool for inspection of system information, ets and mnesia tables etc.

  • For questions and discussions about Erlang we recommend ErlangForums.

  • There is also the Frequently Asked Questions which can be of interest.

  • Additional information and links of interest for Erlang programmers can be found on the Erlang Open Source site