The Munich Erlang Factory Lite

Written by Fredrik, 11 Jan 2013

The Munich Erlang Factory Lite 2013 will be held on the 19th of February and is organised in collaboration with Pavlo Baron and Basho. The conference will be followed by 3 three-day courses (20-22 February) on Riak, Erlang Express and OTP Express. All talks and courses will be in English.

The full day conference will bring another opportunity to meet up and review innovative projects and solutions related to Erlang programming laguage, with elements of NoSQL and Riak. You can't miss this one!

Would you like to join us, bring your ideas and meet up with the Munich Erlang crowd? We believe this is a great opportunity to socialise and network with other participants and with some great speakers: Pavlo Baron, Darach Ennis, Peer Stritzinger, Gustav Simonsson and many others.

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