Functions for wxAuiNotebook class

wxAuiNotebook is part of the wxAUI class framework, which represents a notebook control, managing multiple windows with associated tabs.

See also overview_aui.

wxAuiNotebook is a notebook control which implements many features common in applications with dockable panes. Specifically, wxAuiNotebook implements functionality which allows the user to rearrange tab order via drag-and-drop, split the tab window into many different splitter configurations, and toggle through different themes to customize the control's look and feel.

The default theme that is used is wxAuiDefaultTabArt (not implemented in wx), which provides a modern, glossy look and feel. The theme can be changed by calling setArtProvider/2.


This class supports the following styles:

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxAuiNotebook


Select = boolean()
ImageId = integer()

Adds a new page.

The page must have the book control itself as the parent and must not have been added to this control previously.

The call to this function may generate the page changing events.

Return: true if successful, false otherwise.

Remark: Do not delete the page, it will be deleted by the book control.

See: insertPage/6

Since: 2.9.3


Page = integer()

Deletes a page at the given index.

Calling this method will generate a page change event.


Returns the page index for the specified window.

If the window is not found in the notebook, wxNOT_FOUND is returned.


New_page = integer()

Sets the page selection.

Calling this method will generate a page change event.


Height = integer()

Sets the tab height.

By default, the tab control height is calculated by measuring the text height and bitmap sizes on the tab captions. Calling this method will override that calculation and set the tab control to the specified height parameter. A call to this method will override any call to setUniformBitmapSize/2.

Specifying -1 as the height will return the control to its default auto-sizing behaviour.


Size = {W :: integer(), H :: integer()}

Ensure that all tabs have the same height, even if some of them don't have bitmaps.

Passing ?wxDefaultSize as size undoes the effect of a previous call to this function and instructs the control to use dynamic tab height.