Functions for wxListView class

This class currently simply presents a simpler to use interface for the wxListCtrl - it can be thought of as a façade for that complicated class.

Using it is preferable to using wxListCtrl directly whenever possible because in the future some ports might implement wxListView but not the full set of wxListCtrl features.

Other than different interface, this class is identical to wxListCtrl. In particular, it uses the same events, same window styles and so on.

See: setColumnImage/3

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxListView


Index = integer()

Sets focus to the item with the given index.


Returns the first selected item in a (presumably) multiple selection control.

Together with getNextSelected/2 it can be used to iterate over all selected items in the control.

Return: The first selected item, if any, -1 otherwise.


Item = integer()

Used together with getFirstSelected/1 to iterate over all selected items in the control.

Return: Returns the next selected item or -1 if there are no more of them.


Option = {on, boolean()}

Selects or unselects the given item.

Notice that this method inherits the unusual behaviour of wxListCtrl:setItemState/4 which sends a wxEVT_LIST_ITEM_SELECTED event when it is used to select an item, contrary to the usual rule that only the user actions result in selection.


Col = Image = integer()

Sets the column image for the specified column.

To use the column images, the control must have a valid image list with at least one image.