Functions for wxBitmapDataObject class

wxBitmapDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for bitmap data. It can be used without change to paste data into the wxClipboard or a wxDropSource (not implemented in wx). A user may wish to derive a new class from this class for providing a bitmap on-demand in order to minimize memory consumption when offering data in several formats, such as a bitmap and GIF.

This class may be used as is, but getBitmap/1 may be overridden to increase efficiency.

See: Overview dnd, wxDataObject, wxDataObjectSimple (not implemented in wx), wxFileDataObject, wxTextDataObject, wxDataObject

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxDataObject

wxWidgets docs: wxBitmapDataObject


Returns the bitmap associated with the data object.

You may wish to override this method when offering data on-demand, but this is not required by wxWidgets' internals. Use this method to get data in bitmap form from the wxClipboard.

Sets the bitmap associated with the data object.

This method is called when the data object receives data. Usually there will be no reason to override this function.