Functions for wxSpinButton class

A wxSpinButton has two small up and down (or left and right) arrow buttons.

It is often used next to a text control for increment and decrementing a value. Portable programs should try to use wxSpinCtrl instead as wxSpinButton is not implemented for all platforms but wxSpinCtrl is as it degenerates to a simple wxTextCtrl on such platforms.

Note: the range supported by this control (and wxSpinCtrl) depends on the platform but is at least -0x8000 to 0x7fff. Under GTK and Win32 with sufficiently new version of comctrl32.dll (at least 4.71 is required, 5.80 is recommended) the full 32 bit range is supported.


This class supports the following styles:

See: wxSpinCtrl

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxSpinButton

Event types emitted from this class: spin, spin_up, spin_down

Destructor, destroys the spin button control.


Min = Max = integer()

Sets the range of the spin button.

In portable code, min should be less than or equal to max. In wxMSW it is possible to specify minimum greater than maximum and the native control supports the same range as if they were reversed, but swaps the meaning of up and down arrows, however this dubious feature is not supported on other platforms.

See: getMin/1, getMax/1