Functions for wxGridCellBoolEditor class

Grid cell editor for boolean data.

See: wxGridCellEditor, wxGridCellAutoWrapStringEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellChoiceEditor, wxGridCellEnumEditor (not implemented in wx), wxGridCellFloatEditor, wxGridCellNumberEditor, wxGridCellTextEditor, wxGridCellDateEditor (not implemented in wx)

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxGridCellEditor

wxWidgets docs: wxGridCellBoolEditor


Option =
    {valueTrue, unicode:chardata()} |
    {valueFalse, unicode:chardata()}

This method allows you to customize the values returned by wxGridCellNumberEditor:getValue/1 for the cell using this editor.

By default, the default values of the arguments are used, i.e. "1" is returned if the cell is checked and an empty string otherwise.