Functions for wxContextMenuEvent class

This class is used for context menu events, sent to give the application a chance to show a context (popup) menu for a wxWindow.

Note that if getPosition/1 returns wxDefaultPosition, this means that the event originated from a keyboard context button event, and you should compute a suitable position yourself, for example by calling wx_misc:getMousePosition/0.

Notice that the exact sequence of mouse events is different across the platforms. For example, under MSW the context menu event is generated after EVT_RIGHT_UP event and only if it was not handled but under GTK the context menu event is generated after EVT_RIGHT_DOWN event. This is correct in the sense that it ensures that the context menu is shown according to the current platform UI conventions and also means that you must not handle (or call wxEvent:skip/2 in your handler if you do have one) neither right mouse down nor right mouse up event if you plan on handling EVT_CONTEXT_MENU event.

See: wxCommandEvent, Overview events

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxCommandEvent wxEvent

wxWidgets docs: wxContextMenuEvent

Use wxEvtHandler:connect/3 with wxContextMenuEventType to subscribe to events of this type.


Returns the position in screen coordinates at which the menu should be shown.

Use wxWindow:screenToClient/2 to convert to client coordinates.

You can also omit a position from wxWindow:popupMenu/4 in order to use the current mouse pointer position.

If the event originated from a keyboard event, the value returned from this function will be wxDefaultPosition.