Functions for wxTreebook class

This class is an extension of the wxNotebook class that allows a tree structured set of pages to be shown in a control. A classic example is a netscape preferences dialog that shows a tree of preference sections on the left and select section page on the right.

To use the class simply create it and populate with pages using insertPage/5, insertSubPage/5, addPage/4, AddSubPage() (not implemented in wx).

If your tree is no more than 1 level in depth then you could simply use addPage/4 and AddSubPage() (not implemented in wx) to sequentially populate your tree by adding at every step a page or a subpage to the end of the tree.

See: ?wxBookCtrl, wxBookCtrlEvent, wxNotebook, wxTreeCtrl, wxImageList, Overview bookctrl, Examples

This class is derived (and can use functions) from: wxBookCtrlBase wxControl wxWindow wxEvtHandler

wxWidgets docs: wxTreebook

Event types emitted from this class: treebook_page_changed, treebook_page_changing

Destroys the wxTreebook object.

Also deletes all the pages owned by the control (inserted previously into it).


Option = {forward, boolean()}

Cycles through the tabs.

The call to this function generates the page changing events.


Returns the currently selected page, or wxNOT_FOUND if none was selected.

Note: This method may return either the previously or newly selected page when called from the EVT_TREEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED() handler depending on the platform and so wxBookCtrlEvent:getSelection/1 should be used instead in this case.


PageId = integer()
Option = {expand, boolean()}

Expands (collapses) the pageId node.

Returns the previous state. May generate page changing events (if selected page is under the collapsed branch, then its parent is autoselected).


Result = {Res :: integer(), Flags :: integer()}
Pt = {X :: integer(), Y :: integer()}

Returns the index of the tab at the specified position or wxNOT_FOUND if none.

If flags parameter is non-NULL, the position of the point inside the tab is returned as well.

Return: Returns the zero-based tab index or wxNOT_FOUND if there is no tab at the specified position.


PagePos = integer()
Option = {bSelect, boolean()} | {imageId, integer()}

Inserts a new page just before the page indicated by pagePos.

The new page is placed before pagePos page and on the same level. NULL could be specified for page to create an empty page.


Size = {W :: integer(), H :: integer()}

Sets the width and height of the pages.

Note: This method is currently not implemented for wxGTK.


Page = integer()

Changes the selection to the given page, returning the previous selection.

This function behaves as setSelection/2 but does not generate the page changing events.

See overview_events_prog for more information.